A Hall of Fame idea


Phew. What a freaky four months it’s been to start the year. I’m hopeful that most of the “stuff” is behind me and I can concentrate on what’s next. It’s appropriate that my recovery comes in my birthday month, for I think I may have hit upon a Hall of Fame Idea!

Salvaging an April nearly lost

So, two more health-related “issues” nearly took down my entire April. This, after losing most of the first three months with health “issues”.

It was bad enough that it torpedoed my cooking challenge for the month, but to lose the whole thing? Unthinkable!

Fortunately, at the very end, I got a visit from my oldest friend (and some of his friends). I was recovered enough to whip up some BBQ for everyone. My buddy was generous in not telling me that I spent too much time catching up with him. That allowed the burgers to turn into hockey pucks, but he never mentioned it. Wotta guy!

What’s GNABRT?

We got to talking about my birthday (just a month away, at the time) and I stated that, since it was a roundy next year, it was time to do something big again, like my GNABRT.

His friends were unaware of that epic trip, so I gave them the one-minute tour. My buddy directed them to my web site, where they could read each day of the trip under the GNABRT sidebar listing. You can too, if you click the link!

While nothing popped into my mind at the time, just talking about the GNABRT brought me around to what may be a Hall of Fame idea.

Game called on account of rain

One of the crowning achievements of my GNABRT was going to be visiting Cooperstown, NY. Nestled in that quaint town is the National Baseball Hall of Fame.


If you’re interested in knowing how that never happened, just read this little ditty I’ve brought from the depths of the GNABRT archive. Even harsher, as I found out later, was that it was inductee day, with some of the greatest pitchers of my era there for their entry. Sigh.

But, one birthday celebration’s loss could be another’s gain…

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

No, this isn’t a job interview, it’s my birthday plan.

For the last 15 years, I’ve had or done something special on every 5-year increment birthday.

For 45, my direct report threw me a huge surprise party, even going so far as to invite my family (whom she had never met). Sneaky!
At 50, I rented a pavilion and invited all my friends, family and co-workers for a massive BBQ (which I cooked for, naturally).
For 55, it was the GNABRT.
For 60…well, read on…

A Hall of Fame idea

With number 60 being only one year away, I know I have to get started on ideas for what “big” event I can do for that one.

An idea that hit me is, what about visiting various Halls of Fame around the country, including my long-sought Cooperstown visit.

Initially, the idea appealed greatly to me. This would be a real variety trip. Then the size of it began to daunt me. Did you know that every state has at least one Hall of Fame in it? No, I didn’t either.

But, here are some pretty cool ones:

Michigan – Automotive Hall of Fame
Ohio – Pro Football and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
New York – National Toy and National Baseball Hall of Fame
Pennsylvania – Robot Hall of Fame (ha!)
Wisconsin – Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame
Tennessee – Country Music Hall of Fame (I mean, you have to, amirite?)

That’s just some. There are so many more that look like a ton of fun.

Yeah, but, seriously, another road trip?

As I thought about this idea, it struck me that I might be once again trapped into a massive road trip.

Sure, I could cut out the west part of the country and the scheduling would be more flexible based on hours of operation, not baseball schedules. But still…

Am I up to what could be 5,000-8,000 more miles on the road? Will my now 5-year old car be up to it? And more, do I really want to go through all that again?

Plane travel seems dumb, though, for a trip like this. And seriously expensive. On the plus side, I could spend more (or less) time in each city, knowing I didn’t have a “drop dead” schedule to keep. Maybe even spend some real time with friends along the way.

A Hall of Fame mistake?

It’s just one idea. A Hall of Fame idea, for sure, but I’m not locking myself into it. I still have a full year before my 60th birthday.

Sure, I’ll need time to plan travel and, if possible, coordinate with friends about potential visits. But, there’s no reason to believe my first idea would be my best one. It could be a massive mistake.

Although, it really appeals to me on a lot of levels. I’m glad I’m thinking of it so far in advance. I now have a year to talk myself out of it…or into it.

Unless I can come up with a better Hall of Fame idea.

4 Responses to “A Hall of Fame idea”

  1. Steve

    I like your new road trip idea. So, is here is hall of fame for something in Houston? Either way, come visit!

    Was I the only one who ate a burger at the BBQ feast? I finished it, so how bad could it be?

    • JMD

      Sorry, bud, your Halls of Fame are in Waco, Amarillo and Ft. Worth. I’ve not settled on this, but the good thing with this one is that I can travel wherever I want whenever I want, so I could probably “detour” over to Houston.

      As for the burger…either a big appetite or a rare moment of consideration. Since we know you would not normally pass up an opportunity to skewer me, I’ll go with #1.


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