A Capitol idea


Yes, I know, not the most original of headlines, but they can’t all be cleveriffic.

I came into a bit of good fortune recently, in one of those six degrees of separation type ways.  This one started out as I was visiting with my friends as they bowled in their morning league.  At present were my next door neighbor, my long-time friend and her mom.

I had just come from the beach and was happily surprised that the alley was not cold (as bowling alleys often are).  Sitting there in my suit, t-shirt and flip-flops, I was actually quite comfortable.

My long-time friend was downbeat as she was faced with the prospect of cancelling her annual trip back up north to visit with girlfriends and escape the heat (though this year, she can take some small consolation in that no one is escaping the heat).

As the conversation progressed, my friend’s mom mentioned that her son (my friend’s brother) was now going to have his apartment available as he waited to sell the place.  She turned to me and asked if I would be interested in staying there, in Washington D.C.  She cautioned me that there was absolutely no furniture (though she thought he could scare up an air mattress) but that the place would have a running refrigerator and kitchen.

Now, many people who know me well are aware that one of my all-time favorite movies is “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington”.  I had always wanted to “Jimmy Stewart” in front of Mr. Lincoln.  With all that D.C. offers of interest (landmarks, museums, history), it is hard to believe I’ve never gone there despite a half-century on this earth.

I eagerly agreed to talk with her son and see if the details could be worked out.  I immediately saw a myriad of possibilities for the trip.  By driving up the eastern seaboard, I could visit a handful of friends along the way, take my time and also see a little of America on my way to the nation’s capitol.  The idea became more appealing by the minute.

The approximate window of opportunity is in mid- to late October, a time I am told that is quite pretty due to the seasonal change.  Another friend of mine cautioned me that driving might be a problem due to my inexperience with snow (agreed) and lack of parking (solvable).  I will hope for a late snow season on the former, as well due to my famous dislike of cold.  After talking with the son, I feel I should be able to use a combination of some street parking along with existing parking garages (which I’ll call ahead to confirm).

The other exciting thing about all this is even after a leisurely trip back, I still should have plenty of time to set up and get ready for Halloween (which will likely take up another week’s worth of posts to tell you my history with that holiday).  It seems quite fortuitous and who am I to ignore Dame Fortune when she happens across my number?

Of course, my meteorological concerns exist beyond just early snowfall and shivering temps.  That time of the year is sometimes the host for exceedingly unpleasant counter-clockwise monsters.  Monsters that just happen to like the eastern seaboard.  Flight or roads, that sort of weather is something I’ll not challenge, not even for a great opportunity like this.

Still, with little to no reservations or deposits needed, I’m quite upbeat about the likelihood of “Mr. Daniels Goes to Washington”.  I look forward to blogging about it at the end of each day.  And just in case, I think I’ll bring some of my books with me…should the opportunity and interest arise.

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