A brisk start to this year’s cooking challenge


Okay! Appetite – check. List of foods I like that I’ve never cooked – check. Must be time for the 2019 Cooking Challenge. No sense in waiting any longer, either to cook or to post. Nothing like a brisk start to this year’s cooking challenge.

All the things on my to-do list

The partial list

As I mentioned in an earlier post, sometimes its tough to come up with a list of things to cook.

There’s thinking of what I’ve already done over the past two years of cooking challenges. Then there’s the deciding on what I want to try to cook versus what I think I might actually succeed at cooking.

Finally, though, I came up with a partial list. A working idea of this year’s cooking challenge, as you can read to the right.

Starting off simple

So simple…

Brisket is a classic meat dish. Ethnic (Jewish) or cuisine (BBQ), for just two examples, it offers so many variants and possibilities.

Plus, it’s a really simple recipe, even if you don’t have a slow cooker. I don’t have a slow cooker ever since I gave mine to my elder nieceling when she moved into her first apartment last year.

So, a roasting pan and the oven it is.

Seems too easy to be true

Lookin’ good!

I mean, just the meat and some seasonings. Later, some beef broth and water. Does this make sense? How can it be this easy?

At first glance, too, it sure looks like I pulled off a winner.

Sooner or later

As always, I learn a little from cooking something the first time. For example, this recipe called for sugar, but I went with brown sugar. Score one for me.

Second, the recipe called for 4 hours total cook time. Probably, for my money, I could have gone 3 3/4. Subtract one for me.

A brisk start to this year’s cooking challenge

End result was a tasty (and large, for a single guy) brisket. Maybe a tad more done that I generally like, but the natural juices make a terrific “sauce” for the meat.

I’ve got a ton in the freezer now, plus a big tupperware full of brisket gravy, so I’m good for a while.

And, now that I had a brisk start to this year’s cooking challenge, I’m raring to get started on February’s entry. See you all back here then!

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