A blog a day keeps the cobwebs away


It has always been my intention to make this a “daily” log.  That is, post a blog every weekday and take the weekends off.  After all, you aren’t going to be logging on here during your two valuable free days over the weekend just to read my prosaic musings, riveting though they may be.  No, I figured you would be reading these ditties at work, in the free moments that come up in your real jobs.  Remember, it’s not stealing from the company if you still get all your work done, too!  Of course, like work, if you fall behind, sometimes you have to “go in” on the weekends to catch-up.  So it is today.

The blogs hopefully entertain you.  In truth, that is my goal, not just to spout off on whatever inane thought springs to my disordered mind (despite any appearance otherwise).  And, though I have no idea how effective I am at achieving this goal (I cannot gauge whether you are avid and loyal followers, but you are most certainly quiet ones), I continue to strive for a mixture of interesting topics that are not bound by any constriction such as being only about myself or my books.

In pursuit of that goal, I gain an additional benefit.  These blogs keep me imagining.

Typing skills are either learned or faked.  I am in the latter category, using the 6-finger method (seven if you count the right thumb on the space bar).  Posting blogs, then, offers no advantage in my typing.  My speed is limited by my fingers and my occasional need to look down at the keyboard.  Constant practice, in this case, does not make perfect.

What does get a great workout each day is my brain.  Not only as I try to think of what new topic to regale you with.  Not only as I try to figure out a pithy headline to top it with.  But also in the very designing of the blog, the words used and, of course, the emotional close.  Okay, so most of them aren’t really that emotional.  Just go with it; it’s easier that way.

I like to imagine each blog as a story.  The basics of a story, be it a novel or a TV ad, require three simple pieces of structure, a beginning, middle and end.  Duh, right?  There are things that need to get accomplished, though.  You need to become engaged early (sometimes called the “hook”), you need to be entertained and interested throughout and you need to leave the story thinking that was good.  “Good” being a subjective and changeable term, that “good” is whatever you get from the story (thrills, laughs, thought-provoking, etc.).  Everything else is style.  But while style can dazzle for a time, without those three elements, it’s going to be a letdown.

Easy enough to see how that works, right?  If the beginning doesn’t grab you, are you really going to continue reading?  If you start losing that interest as you go further in the story, will you even care how great the ending is?  I’m sure you’ve all had an experience or two where the ending of a story/movie/fill-in-the-blank was a big disappointment after the buildup to get there.

Setting myself this task each day, I get to practice trying to build you better stories each day.  Will some be duds?  Undoubtedly.  Hopefully, it will be that the subject didn’t grab you and not that I failed to construct a good story.  I would love to be able to tell you great and funny stories every day.  I must come clean:  my life just isn’t interesting enough to provide that much excitement.  Thankfully, there are about plenty of other people and situations that provide ample opportunity for blathering about here.

Sooner or later, I hope each of you is able to point to a “favorite” in this ever-growing list of blogs.  I’ll try to stick to my daily schedule so you know when to expect the next posting.  Given enough time and topics, who knows, perhaps there could be a “best of” collection one day.  As endings go, that would certainly be a happy one.

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