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Day two of the grand road trip began again around 5 am.  Leaving my comfortable motel I popped onto I-10 West and headed north for Atlanta.

The full moon brazenly poked out of the clouds and leered down through an otherwise pitch black sky.  The fog was floating over the moors…er…I-10 and the whole scene evoked some old horror movie.

I scrambled quickly to XM and flicked the station to Radio Classics and incredibly, I heard Vincent Price’s voice.  It was not a Poe or other horror tale, but an old Simon Templar (“The Saint”) serial from the 40’s.  Still that was cool having his voice spirit out during such an atmospheric part of the trip.

At 7:34 am precisely, I received my first rain of the trip, just outside Tifton, Georgia.  Ten minutes later it turned into a steady rain that stayed with me for the next hundred miles.  As a glass half full guy, I was pleased that the rain had held off until it was light out.  Driving in rain is unpleasant, but driving in rain at night is miserable.  A reasonable time after that I arrived in Atlanta to visit with my old college roommate.

End Prologue

A couple weeks ago, as plans for my upcoming trip were firming up, I was contacted through facebook by another old college chum.  I had spent some time searching for this man, having been defested, so I found out, becaue of the first name he now used.

We hitched up a couple memories and vowed to stay in touch.  I found it incredibly timely and ironic as I came into view of my old roommate’s place of work.

Cacthing up with him proved entetaining and we had a lunch together (his treat) before I headed off to see the Georgia aquarium.

What a spectacular place!  Extraordinary exhibits, fabulous sight lines and a wonderfully clean and respectful operation.  I actually took pictures (and I never take pictures).

I spent over 2 hours there before leaving.  I got out just in time as the arteries of Atlanta were hardening  on the roads,

The remainder of the evening was spent with my friend and his wife discussing the things that elapsed time had created between visits (now more than 25 years ).  After a nice dinner (my treat), we came back and talked so long my eyelids are fluttering as I type this.

It was great revisiting with an old friend, reminding each other of special circunstances and past chuckles.

Tommorrow the trip starts up once more, next stop Asheville and the Biltmore House.  Hopefully I’ll be awake enough to provide an entertaining missive for you.

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