5 by 5 by 55


5 by 5I’m a man with a plan.

Now that I’ve started walking daily again, I thought maybe I should have a goal.  Generally, I walk for fun, health and to think (or not think, as needed).  I was considering that next week I should jump the walk up from four to five miles and another thought occurred to me.

This is my “double nickel” year.  What if I doubled my walking distance by the time my birthday arrived.

Circling the entire walking path around my area is about 5.5 miles (there’s that number again).  I’m currently doing 4 miles in about an hour.  If I could maintain that pace, it would only be around 2 1/2 hours (possibly a bit longer until I got my legs).

My birthday is exactly three months from tomorrow.  I could gently ramp up the pace by a half mile a week and easily make the number.  There are some caveats.

The path doesn’t really set up to “measure” adding 1/2 mile increments.  It’s a bit challenging even figuring out 1 mile.  Will walking the same route twice over become boring?  I can make the five-mile without water, but I’ll probably have to bring a bottle along for the longer walks, which is distracting.

I can see some potential benefits for my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (GNABRT).  Perhaps the added stamina will come in handy during all that time in high-altitude air.  Also, it will help when I stop off at the National Parks and do some exploring.  Plus, I expect my seats will be in the nosebleed sections, so I’ll be walking up those winding ramps to the upper deck all across the country!

Next week is easy, the bump back to 5 miles that I’ve already completed many times.  The following week I add the fork that will take me the extra 1/2 mile.  After that, well, I’ll play it by ear on my way to make two circuits around my area…5 by 5 by 55!

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