Monthly Archives: December 2019

Hit the road mac and please come back

Many of you have probably heard the expression “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Well, I’m here to put a stop to that sexist nonsense with this aptly named post, hit the road mac and please come back. Hit the road for the holidays As I mention in many posts on… Read more »

Turns out video games are bad for you

As a retired man with no wife, kids or pets, I have as many free hours in the day as there are hours in the day. I do sleep and eat, of course. And I visit with friends or family. After that, I’ve got plenty of time. A lot of it is spent on my… Read more »

Showering me with warm light

What? Another post about cold weather. Nah. Not exactly. This one is a treatise on thermodynamics. Okay, not that either. It’s a short story about how I solved a problem by showering me with warm light. Why I don’t like warm lights Yeah. Warm lights. What a terrible concept. You may know them as the… Read more »

Putting the chill on blog posting

That’s right, prepare to be subjected to another of my whiny posts about the South Florida quote winter unquote. On the plus side, you won’t have to read many of them, since it’s putting a chill on blog posting. The chill of it all Yes, yes, I know you are experiencing a real winter. Not… Read more »

Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday

What’s the beef here? I’m a good doobie. I recycle my recyclables. And I wait until I have full loads before washing dishes or clothes. So what did I do to justify why Mother Nature is giving me the bird everyday? Giving me the hand that I’m dealt I didn’t build this house. And, it… Read more »