Monthly Archives: January 2017

A trip to Sweden

After my big GNABRT in 2015, I pretty much used last year as a “year off”. For the better part of the year I did even more nothing than usual. In retrospect, this probably contributed to the extra energy I had for designing my super spectacular Halloween displays last year. Still, going into this year, I… Read more »

You can’t have too many friends

With all due respect to the great Mr. James Garner, Facebook would like to disagree with you. Over the course of last year, my news feed on Facebook began to be overwhelmed with political posts. Well, political in the sense that they mentioned a political party or candidate. Neither side showered themselves in any glory…. Read more »

I’m a 10…again

Missed it by that much. I strongly pursue a policy of making as few goals as possible for the year. I find that goal setting and, more frequently, goal accomplishing tends to get in the way of my stress-free (read: lazy) existence. Note: you get to make statements like that – guilt-free – after you… Read more »