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One last time, I suggest before you read this post that you zip through the first post this week (kindly linked for you), so you are prepared for the self-indulgent drivel below. On the plus side, this is the last … Read the rest

Why’d I do that?

Each post this week starts with a warning and an admonishment: if you haven’t read Monday’s post first, then you should not read this one yet. You will have no perspective for the flood of negativity that follows.

I got … Read the rest


Hold it! Before you read today’s post, go back and read yesterday’s post. I’ll wait.

You’re really going through with this? Fine, I wash my hands…this is all self-inflicted from here.

The coming of the new year is a time … Read the rest

It’s all about me

When this blog was first created, it was because of my books.

There was no way, I was told, a writer could succeed in today’s market without a web and social media presence.

Fair enough, but even back then I … Read the rest

Music drives me

Or, more accurately, music walks me, but that’s just not as sexy a title.

In this case, though, music writes me, as I welcome you to a cornucopia of musically influenced random ramblings.

Maestro, if you please…

You cannot be … Read the rest

Can’t hold a candle

In one of those strange quirks that happen between the Jewish calendar and the Roman calendar, Hanukkah (for the remainder of this post, I will use this spelling…you may then choose to use one of the other 4,946 other spellings … Read the rest

Shopping for disaster

I was never a Boy Scout, but, darned it I don’t seem stuck on that one oft-repeated motto.

By now, regular readers know my background, but for the remote possibility of a stray newbie accidentally landing here while lost in … Read the rest

Cardly working

If I have your address, you don’t need to read my blog to know my affection for sending cards in the mail.

Any opportunity will usually do. Birthdays, Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, Summer solstice, sea turtle season. Really,any opportunity, because getting … Read the rest