Monthly Archives: October 2016

I lied

Okay, kids, time for me to fess up. I’m a fibber. A prevaricator. A deceiver. An obfuscator. I lied. Here is the sad tale of my misleading you: Frequently, during this Halloween season of posts, I’ve made mention that I plan for Halloween every day of the year. Except one. Today. Halloween. The Big One…. Read more »

What will you be doing on November 8th?

Golly! Less than two weeks until all those annoying political ads disappear from our airwaves. Less than two weeks until the recycle truck workers and postal carriers can sigh in relief from thousands of tons of those annoying political mailers stopping. So, then, what will you be doing on November 8th? A good many of… Read more »

It’s all in the wrist

To paraphrase an old adage, health is wasted on the healthy. I mentioned yesterday that I nearly broke myself constructing my Dead Thing Pen for Halloween this year. That’s not entirely accurate, as I actually did indeed break myself. Physical damage is sometimes not always noticed at the time of incidence. For example, during my… Read more »

Top this!

I was having lunch with my Dad and Stepmom and I was talking about how happy I was with the decorations this year. My only concern, I said, was how I was going to top it next year. He said he was going to ask me that very question. At the time, I had no… Read more »

That’s so sweet

I was feeling pretty good about the state of my Halloween preparations, with almost all of my decorations done and my goody bags complete. I might even say I was feeling smug. And then I remembered. I still had to make the candy bags for all 75 goody bags. So much for smug. Now, a… Read more »

Reviewing my clippings

I envy you. I really do. For so long, I was one of you, but then I was seduced to the dark side of generics and store brands. Now, I rarely have the opportunity to clip coupons that I will use. Even more troublesome, they will often expire before I actually use them. Here is… Read more »

The deflatables

With no due respect to this presidential election, I must admit that half of my Halloween inflatable decorations can be put in a basket of deflatables. I’m nearly done with the major decorations around the front of the house. The last significant design element is my collection of inflatables. After that, just some emphasis lights and… Read more »

Late, not dead

When I first started cogitating about this post and the headline, I got sidetracked thinking about why people use the term “late” for recently deceased. It’s not morbidity; it’s a love of words that impels me. Before checking, I came up with several theories, such as it’s derived from a longer expression (“late of this world”,… Read more »

No one respects (fill in blank) more than me

In this doofy presidential election full of doofy comments from both sides, forgive me if I find this the doofiest. Part of the reason it so makes me raise my hands to the sides of my head is that it appears it is said without thinking. In this case, I mean reflexive rather than thoughtless…. Read more »

Well, gee, I had to do it anyway

Now that Mom Nature and I have reaffirmed our precious relationship, it’s time to review the visit of Hurricane Matthew as an opportunity, rather than a trial. For example, Halloween fast approaches. Along with that spooky holiday is the scary process of hosting my Halloween BBQ. While the cooking and setup can be wearying, it’s the… Read more »