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Mom is bugging me again

Whew. Yesterday’s post was about as controversial and provocative as I have ever been on this blog. I feel cleared out and renewed and now believe I can go the remaining 39 days in this blackboard-scratching presidential election without another … Read the rest

You’re not entitled to your opinion

I was watching CNN for a little bit the other day (honestly, no matter who I watch, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, they all grate on me after a little while) and one of the reporters was interviewing Donald Trump supporters outside … Read the rest

Countdown to horror

October 1st is this Saturday. That will be the official kick-off of my 2016 Halloween preparations.

I’ve finished painting the edging stones and I am pleased with how they look, albeit now slightly concerned that they may not be sufficiently … Read the rest

Tolerance is for cowards

I hear it all the time. I read it all the time.

We should all be more tolerant. If only people were more tolerant. Less bad stuff would happen if there was more tolerance in the world.


There’s all … Read the rest


Just over two weeks from now, my Dad and Stepmom will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. I think that’s phenomenal.

Not because it’s especially rare, (his Dad and Mom were up to 65 years together when Grandpa died), but because … Read the rest

Fast or slow?

In my recent attempts to answer that question, I’ve determined a couple of key clues:

– Age has nothing to do with it

– State of mind has everything to do with it

You might think, from the feature image … Read the rest

It’s feasible!


Just returned from my brain session with Glen at Home Depot and the planogram for the Halloween driveway takeover is doable!

Based on in-stock materials, I can construct a “wall”, currently envisioned as 10′ x 4′, and then load … Read the rest

Whoever wins the turnover battle

Just in time for football season.

This presidential race sure looks like it’s going to go all the way to the fourth quarter and just like in football, it looks like someone is going to lose the game as opposed … Read the rest


Ever have one of those days.

Y’know, get up in the middle of the night because of your (a) brain (b) stomach (c) disturbance (d) whatever and then become too restless to immediately return to sleep.

Then, a couple of … Read the rest