Monthly Archives: August 2016

Say cheese!

Okay, let’s dispense with the doom and gloom and talk about one of my favorite things – cheese! In fact, cheese is my number 2 favorite food, right behind bacon. Mmmm, bacon. You want to give me the perfect birthday present, forget the cake and just give me a grilled cheese sandwich with crisp bacon… Read more »

Sweet and sour

For as long as I’ve been able to use my own discrimination to determine which entertainment fare I liked, three performers have always provided me the ability to move from sadness to, if not happiness, then at least something far less depressing than sadness. Danny Kaye, Gene Wilder and John Cleese are those three, each creating… Read more »

Are you old enough to vote?

Raise your hand if you agree that’s a dumb question. Hmm. Okay, raise your hand if you never even think about it. Hmm. The polls seem skewed. First, a little background before I get on my ol’ flimsy upturned fruit crate… Back from when, the constitutional voting age was 21. For Federal elections, that is…. Read more »

Where there’s no will, there’s no way

So. The mind is an extraordinary creation. It can write sonnets and symphonies and imagine the light bulb and the silicon chip. It can also cause doubt and deception. This past week, a close friend (and once, more than a friend) suffered a tragic end to her life. It was the very definition of tragedy:… Read more »

Women are weaklings

I’m so glad America is fed up with political correctness so we can get this out in the open once and for all. It’s always been tiptoed around because “politeness” demanded no one actually say what was fact: women are weaklings. I know it’s true because Donald Trump says so. Now, hold on. Before you… Read more »

I’m so cross

It bears repeating (in light of today’s post) the origins of my expansive lexicon have their roots in Scrabble battles with Grandma, lots of reading and crossword puzzles. For many years I honed my talents, even subscribing to the monthly Dell Crosswords magazine. At my peak, I had reached Princely status (there were far more… Read more »

Party time

Where are their heads at? I’ve taken enough shots at the leading candidates in this year’s Presidential race, it’s time to tackle the Big Two parties. Like it or not, and for as long as we can see, Democrats and Republicans decide who is going to be your president. Independent voters may swing the race,… Read more »

Working the line

Welp, I’m about two weeks into the Great Comic Book Grading, Bagging, Boxing and Recording in a Database I Create Myself, otherwise known as the GCBGBBRDICM. Er, well, no, no one knows it as that. If anyone, including myself tried calling it that we’d have to wipe the spittle off of whoever we were trying… Read more »

Good grief, what a mess

Seven years. Seven years I’ve been manning this website and doing just fine as editor, writer, blogger, graphics designer, publisher, administrator and webmaster. Until Tuesday. After years of (mostly) trouble-free webmastering (look, ma, a new verb!) the website, I managed to destroy the whole site. Not just take it down, mind you, but vaporize it… Read more »

Dog days

(Now that the website is back from the dead, I can continue my new policy of no political posts on successive days) Bless ’em, they keep trying. I’ve mentioned my good friends with the two relatively (5 and 1) new grandkids in the blog many a time, the last being here. In fact, our tale… Read more »