Monthly Archives: July 2016

Just an old-fashioned love song

(yes, they were one of my favorite bands) I’ve made no secret of my difficulty in getting into e-books. Reading them, that is. There’s just something so antiseptic about reading from a little flat glass screen. Sure, I got the big size Kindle Fire, but I think it’s the flat part that gets me. Conversely,… Read more »

Sweating over the plot

My timing sucks. Seriously, why couldn’t I get my story epiphany four months ago. I mean, I had to come up with ideas and get excited in the dog days of summer? And not just any summer, oh no. This is the summer of all summers. Everybody is getting a heat wave so awful that… Read more »

To 3 or not to 3

To continue our conversation on my returning to the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures to tell more tales of Jeremy, Natalie and the gang, we’ll need to revisit the past again to explain the future. The central idea behind my creation of What if? was that of a young, imaginative boy finding a sketchbook that allowed all… Read more »

Science, shmience

When we last met (okay, okay, it was only yesterday), we briefly talked about whether my favorite character from my fantasy trilogy, Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, would be able to make an appearance in the second trilogy. The doubt stems from the fact that Mitch the (“don’t call me”) Ant shouldn’t have existed in the first… Read more »

Four years later

Huh. I just realized the headline could make people think this is about the election. Nope, not this week. This blog apologies for any confusion the title may have caused. When my last job ended, before a combination of age discrimination and lack of enthusiasm changed a job search into an early retirement, I thought… Read more »

The revulsion of knowledge

“Some questions are better left unanswered”, “Information overload”, “That’s more than I needed to hear”, “You don’t wanna know”, “TMI” With three and a half months still left in the presidential campaigns, I am suffering from information indigestion. In this case knowledge is powerfully uncomfortable. The toughest part of trying to make the best decision… Read more »

That’s not what I do

Having just muddled through the taxes of a family member once again (this time my sister’s), it is with some amusement I recall how often I am called upon to do that which I do not do. It’s something you may have experienced. Perhaps at a party, or a chance encounter or even by friends… Read more »

Fear me

Fear me I’m a middle-aged white male living in a solidly middle class family area. About the only minority card I can play is the Jewish card, although, to be fair, the last time I saw the inside of a temple I was standing up front, singing in Hebrew. Fear me My parents acrimoniously divorced… Read more »

I hate hate

Recently, I took one of those quizzes on Facebook that said I knew roughly 30,000 words, which is both preposterous and unverifiable. It was probably only the second quiz I’ve ever taken in the seven years I’ve been on Facebook, mostly for those aforementioned reasons. First, it’s doubtful I actually have a vocabulary of 30,000 words…. Read more »

What we know and what we forget

Since I’ve returned to my roots of reading, pulling out many old books to read once again, some as long as 40 years since last opened, it has become clear what I know pales before what I forget. For example, I know the reason I kept these books through all my moves and, in some places,… Read more »