Monthly Archives: May 2016

Dispensing with the nonsense

Continuing on with my unintended but apparently thematic week, now it’s time to discuss my endlessly thwarted efforts to provide a stylistically and color-coordinated match for my guest bathroom in that most critical of items – the soap dispenser.

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Repairmen at the gate

Owning a home is one of the most powerful and rewarding experiences in life. I can still recall the overwhelming feeling of pride I had when entering this house, 20 years ago, and inhaling that fresh sense of accomplishment. And … Read the rest

Taking the plunge

“A rising tide floats all boats” is a phrase that gets used fairly often. It was often associated with the abnormally long bull market that made everyone’s portfolio look like a winner, so it’s a friendly and encouraging statement.

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My problem with prunes

Let’s just get it out there up front: I like prunes.

No, wait, that’s doing a disservice to prunes. Let me clarify: I REALLY like prunes.

I also like raisins a whole bunch and I’m a big fan of their … Read the rest