Monthly Archives: March 2016

Getting a handle on it

There is no question that the level to which I can take my procrastination can reach legendary status. It both annoys and amuses me the way in which this character flaw reveals itself.

Most recently, it was after some gutter … Read the rest


For more than a week, the JMD blog has devoted space to serious topics, verging on dark.

Now comes the ultimate in darkness and severity. A topic long held back from addressing but finally can be delayed no more.

Today’s … Read the rest

Death, poverty and the pursuit of misery

It’s difficult to grasp the concept. Birthed and raised on freedoms including speech and religion, the fanatic adherence to one single doctrine at the expense of all other points of view is difficult to fathom.

Without making light of the … Read the rest

Divided we stand

Controversy Week continues with my series of posts in response to the dumbfounding 2016 presidential nomination campaigns.

Once upon a time, there was a belief in something called common courtesy. It included simple things like respecting elders, being polite to … Read the rest

Trade-in value

Continuing with “Controversy Week” on the JMD blog, prompted by the head-scratching presidential nomination process this year…

It appears there’s one thing every candidate agrees on this year:  free trade deals are the root of all evil.

To properly examine … Read the rest

Constitution or bust

It’s “Controversy Week” on the JMD blog, spurred by the chaotic presidential nomination process currently kicking up dust across America…


Throughout the early campaign process, before the insults and innuendo drowned out most other discourse, there were a number … Read the rest

Wr…? I’m never wr…!

For over seven years and more than 800 posts I’ve scrupulously avoided blogging about anything controversial (except for one post about a dog owner that earned me a Facebook troll).

This year’s presidential election process is like nothing I’ve ever … Read the rest

The height of dreaming

I had a weird dream the other night.

It’s been said that there is little more boring than having someone tell you their dreams. Even if a few of my blog readers might be employed in the psychiatric field, I … Read the rest

Write around the corner

I went out to eat lunch on the beach yesterday. It was cloudy and the 15-20 mph wind brought white-capped waves to pound the sand.

The wind made it impractical to eat, but I stayed out there for a while … Read the rest