Monthly Archives: February 2016

White is the new black

When I moved to live here in Boca Raton, over 20 years ago, it was a surprise move for me.

I had always expected to stay “down south”, closer to my Miami roots. My job at the time made the … Read the rest

There’s only one “I” in reading

Frankly, I don’t know how you all do it…I barely manage. Barely.  It’s even caused me to change my reading selection for this week.

After trudging through an “okay” book that punished me even further by being written in first-person, … Read the rest

What’s in your wallet?

Never mind life expectancy, how’s your financial expectancy?

In between the insults, disinformation and obfuscation during the presidential election process, occasionally an issue is accidentally discussed.

As we get nearer to the general election, where both sides need to reach … Read the rest

Pounding the self-fulfilling prophecy drum

Before he was a tennis champion, Andre Agassi was famous for more flash than success. His iconic series of advertisements with the tag “Image is everything” epitomized that era.

These days, we face a troubling echo of that slogan, more … Read the rest

Slimming down for Valentine’s Day

My last batch of Valentine’s Day cards are winging their USPS-loving way to their local destinations (distant locations were mailed days ago). With that, my Hallmark moments are nearly complete.

In the time between now and soon-to-be, I have some … Read the rest

Recommended reading

There are a lot of books in the world. Lots.

So many, that it is impossible anyone can read them all in one lifetime. Add in the recent upswell in self-published books and you have an enormous (and potentially confounding) … Read the rest

Paperback memories

Now that I’m back in the reading saddle, I can see the end in the trail ahead.  Soon, all too soon, I’ll run out of “real” books and have to switch over to my Kindle.

That’s okay, actually, since I … Read the rest

No news is bad news

Really bad. Awful. Hard to watch, read or hear.

I’m sure you’ve noticed. How could you not? We’re surrounded with it constantly.

I was hoping the occasion of the once-every-four-years presidential election process might provide some relief, but I underestimated … Read the rest