Monthly Archives: January 2016

Tracks of my tears

Well, that explains it.

Makes sense. Certainly a lot more understandable now.

Hmm? Oh, right, maybe I could explain it to you, too. Sure.

I had my annual visit to the eye doctor. Routine check-up for the eye glasses (I’m … Read the rest

I’m too slow for fast food

As I was washing dishes this afternoon, I was thinking about what I was going to prepare for dinner tonight. I settled on dry rubbing some boneless pork chops and steaming some broccoli.

Considering the various cooking times involved afforded … Read the rest

The only thing worse than cold is heat

Boy, I can’t stand heat. It’s the absolute worst.

Apparently, winter has finally come to South Florida (and most of the East Coast, too). Temperatures have been awful (by my standards), with even a dip into the (gasp) 40’s projected … Read the rest

Taxing my patience

I’ve finally come to those paradoxical and confounding years where the only thing left to me is to pay taxes. Gone forever is that exciting surprise and eager waiting for the check (or direct deposit) of a refund from the … Read the rest

Persnickety Post Office people

With my annual Christmas What if? book giveaway ended (December through January), I was notified by Goodreads of the winners names and addresses.

I’m always happy when people want to read my book (sure, I’m happier when they buy it, … Read the rest