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The animal kingdom and I have a great relationship.

Outside of a lone stare-off with a steroidal raccoon a few weeks ago, I can peacefully walk my 10-miles every day in total harmony with the possums, raccoons, coyotes (yup, I’m … Read the rest

My problem keeping it up

I know, I know, this is probably a bit to personal for a public blog, especially considering the promise I made yesterday. But let’s face it, there aren’t that many people who read this thing and getting it all out … Read the rest

Escaping the trap

‘Twas the morning of Christmas

And all through the dark,

Not a creature was stirring

But me on my walk.


Shortly into my journey,

As is often my way,

I began composing my blog

To post later that day.… Read the rest

Donating dominoes

When it comes to charitable donations, Christmas is not the only time for giving.

Most of us enjoy cash donations, especially now in the internet world, because they’re easy to do and easy to track.

I must admit that, aside … Read the rest

Who can I get to kill me

The new year is just around the corner and one of the things I promised myself I would get to is deciding who I would ask to kill me.

For many years, I’ve existed without proper protections and safeguards when … Read the rest

It’s a dangerous world

We hear that a lot lately. It’s all hogwash.

I’ve had a few opportunities to visit the world outside the United States and a whole slew within our borders. Let me tell you about this world. It’s a wonderful place.… Read the rest

Only 5 days until after Christmas!

I can’t wait! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

I mean, sure, trees are pretty, presents are nice and there’s lots of food and cheer, but come on, what’s better than after Christmas?

For one thing, it’s stock … Read the rest

The fog! The Fog!

<Those of you familiar with Fantasy Island should imagine Tattoo calling out the above to Mr. Roarke>

My love of life here in South Florida is without compare. It’s embedded in many of the posts on this blog. I’ll not … Read the rest

That’s easy!

Having finally graduated to Hermit – Junior Class, one thing that becomes immediately apparent is I better be doing the shopping myself if I want any holiday presents.

Unlike Brave Sir Robin, however, I know the answer to the questions … Read the rest