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Batman vs Superman

Longtime readers know I’m now into my fifth decade of reading comics. That’s right, from imaginative little boy to imaginative not-as-little-as-I-should-be man. Throughout that half-century, my favorite DC superhero was always Superman. Up until the millennial generation, that was because he was always more hero before super. Since then, he’s become just another aimless super-strong… Read more »

The yin-yang of Thanksgiving dinner

I’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her friends; it should be terrific. I’ll be having Thanksgiving dinner with my sister and her friends; it should be awful. That’s the thing about family, you can have the most wonderful time or the most trying time. Or both, I suppose. Usually, the holidays are… Read more »

Land of the free and home of the brave (remember?)

We have always lived in troubled times. The history of mankind could easily be painted as a constant series of terrible acts, perpetrated by man unto another, writ small and large over the years. It could just as easily be shown as the heart and compassion of mankind to join together and combat the terror… Read more »

Which peeves you more?

Hold it right there! You are not allowed to participate in this survey or answer the above question unless you fulfill the following TWO requirements. Failure to answer yes to either prerequisite disqualifies you from the question and, frankly, perhaps the whole blog post. You are an active reader at home You are an active… Read more »


Boy this is so tough. I’ve tried to find replacements and I keep failing. Way back when microwaves were the size of small houses and you had to get little wind-up things to get your dishes to spin around (okay, maybe those are still needed), there were a couple of “high-end” microwave dinners offered at… Read more »

Loving, touching, reading

(Apologies to Journey) When we were last together, I talked about jumping into my New Year’s resolutions early. In the short span of time from then to now, I’ve done just that. The house is fixed, the car is beautiful and by the end of the week the patio should be upgraded. And everyday I’ve… Read more »

Time to hit those New Year’s resolutions

Excellent. My holiday season is over, so while you have to deal with Thanksgiving (my sister’s job) and Christmas (no kids and my nieces are both grown), I can get a head start on my New Year’s resolutions. Nothing so grand, just regular stuff. Let’s break it down into 4 big categories: Home is where… Read more »

Lace me up

Time for another in my series of blogs about evil clothing items. Okay, maybe not really a series. I guess two blogs is not enough to call a series. So, let’s just call it the follow-on to my previous diatribe on annoying clothing items. Today’s outrage is over shoelaces. Specifically, shoelaces that are too long…. Read more »

Momentary thrill; Lifetime regret

I’m totally with you. I love it, too. Few things in life beat the thrill of speed. For me, it’s on the water, in an airboat slicing through the Everglades or in a fishing boat shooting out from the Keys. The wind blasts in your face, the sound wraps around you and you feel so… Read more »