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Shell game

Ugh. Though this year belies the fact, regular readers know I’m a private man. Sure, there’s this blog, but if I had a dollar for everyone who reads this thing, I wouldn’t have enough to pay the hosting fee! So there’s not much risk in my privacy becoming “viral”. Outside of my Great North American Baseball… Read more »

Wait until next year

Heh. It’s not even Halloween yet and I’m already percolating ideas for next year’s display. I parked the car in a guest spot so I could check out this year’s layout to make sure it’s offering maximum effect as kids/parents walk by/up. As I gazed on my open driveway, I was taken by how much… Read more »


We’re at one week and counting, so it’s time to pull out the remaining supplies and finish off the Halloween display. That means…webs! I’ve decided on a different look for the front this year and it requires a new thought process on the webs to accent the show. Instead of a whole front covered in… Read more »

Sugar, sugar

Well now that’s just perplexing. As with many things in life, the results of my blood test were a mixture of good and bad news. I was pleased to see continued improvement of my overall cholesterol levels. The number is still in the borderline area, but is markedly down from two years ago and keeps… Read more »

Never-ending battle

I will not go down without a fight. And neither will my decorations! There is an inherent danger in setting up for the holidays early; in my case, Halloween. Foremost on the threat list is the Florida weather. October has been a bad month for tropical storms and even without one, we tend to get… Read more »

Tough noogies, it’s Mallomar season

Amidst all the preparation and decorating for Halloween, it’s also time for my not-so-coincidental batch of doctor visits. With a two and a half month hole punched out of the year from my Great North American Baseball Road Trip, it became necessary to bundle all those appointments close together. I am blessed with great fortune… Read more »

Inflated ego

There’s no point in denying it. I love showing off for Halloween. I stand by my contention that I do it all for the kids, though. It’s not at all about me. But that doesn’t mean I can’t have fun. Decorating the house for Halloween has matured into a methodical and logical process. It first… Read more »

Out on a limb

        The return of an old favorite about word and phrases we use and where they come from. Today’s installment can be called “Dem’s fightin’ woids!”       Fisticuffs – in a more civilized manner (as if any fight could be), early 17th century men who found reason to fight were said… Read more »

The leg bone connected to the…well, nothing, really

I’ve been out bone collecting today, which makes me pretty happy. Halloween is just a few weeks away, my landscaping is all cleared and the lawn service, conveniently, just finished with the mowing and edging today. Couldn’t have everything time out more perfectly. I try to introduce something new to my display each year. I’ve… Read more »

That’s not right

Day two of resting the left arm and hand. Strength is returning fairly swiftly, though there is still some quavering when holding a full glass. Today coincided with my trip to the barber, a roughly 40-minute drive. This presented a couple of problems for me. For one thing, I’m a two-handed driver. 10 and 2,… Read more »