Monthly Archives: September 2015

Crossing over

When did it happen?

Was it just the trip or has it been building for some time?

In my quest to get “back” to health, I’ve been attempting to get myself up to my previous walking distance. Today, I pushed … Read the rest

The man with no plan

My current writing project is not proceeding as planned. That’s not a surprise, since I haven’t got anything planned for it at present.

So far, I’ve got my germ of an idea and some characters. I’ve also got some character … Read the rest

Just say no (more)

I have a hard time with it.  I really do.  Saying “no more” is tough.

After a week of working on comics and toys and for girls and boys (I’m a poet!), I have been fighting off my near-overpowering desire … Read the rest

Beachfront property

September is shortly gone and that means it’s time to get my new beach pass.

I’ve been “locked out” of the beach since the beginning of the year.  Part of that time was taken up with my Great North American … Read the rest

What a girl wants

<Warning!  The following post will contain harsh generalities and cold stereotypes. The views in the post actually do reflect those of this blog and its author.>

Halloween bag stuffing is nigh and that means finding comic books that fit into … Read the rest

Theory of relativity

The recently passed, but still echoing, Republican debate sparked some random thoughts as I was walking this morning.  I guess it was a “soaker”, something that needed time to seep in.

As I considered the candidates and their various personas … Read the rest

I need more headaches

The only thing I try to avoid more than taking medicine is going to doctors.

Inevitably, at some point, I’ve got to take some medicine for some ailment.  It may be an infrequent cold or a sore throat or a … Read the rest