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GNABRT Day 65 – What went wrong

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, today was a short trip Southwest to Mooresville (still in North Carolina) to reacquaint with a University of Florida comrade (and meet his post-UF family).  A nice casual dinner was planned after first stopping by his house. It was more like getting acquainted, since my memory of people and particulars… Read more »

GNABRT Day 63 – The wind down

Travel day to North Carolina as the Great North American Baseball Road Trip is finished with the Great North and doesn’t have any Baseball for a bit. That leaves only American and Road Trip, which ultimately means American roads, which ultimately means traffic jams, construction and, sadly, accidents. We’ll do city stuff tomorrow, after I… Read more »

GNABRT Day 60 – Meh

The Great North American Baseball Road Trip’s awesome adventure to the National Baseball Hall of Fame was, believe it or not, rained out. Seriously.  26 straight games without a rainout.  4 national parks without a rainout.  3 barbecues without a rainout.  A visit to Cooperstown?  Rained out. It’s not like the water would be a problem… Read more »

GNABRT Day 58 – Well Met(s)

Game 25 on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip was in Citi Field, the “other” New York team. The location presented a dilemma.  The hotel was set up for me to walk to Yankee stadium (and be cheap and have free parking).  The distance to Citi Field was too far to walk under normal… Read more »

GNABRT Day 56 – Philadelphia freedom

Today’s Great North American Baseball Road Trip blog could have easily switched musical gears and been titled “I’m Burning For You”, but we’ll get to that in the miscellany section.  For now, we’ll just shift into quick posting gear and hop right into our history section. The city:   Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Founded by William Penn (he… Read more »