Monthly Archives: June 2015

GNABRT Day 13 – Booked in my room

A quiet day on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip. My inestimable powers of meteorological mysticism brought dampness to California and my equally astounding good fortune timed it for the day after my baseball game. Bowing to the forces I wrought, I elected to stay in for the day and read, something I haven’t been… Read more »

GNABRT Day 10 – What happens in Vegas doesn’t stay long

Continuing from last night’s abbreviated blog, the screaming headache devolved into a pounding headache, but the Great North American Baseball Road Trip will brook no whining, so I was off at pre-dawn as usual. The trip was eventful only in the sense of the headache and the dwindling gas in my tank due to mistaking… Read more »

GNABRT Day 8 – By the time I get to Phoenix

Today was a travel day.  Just getting from point A (Artesia) to point P (Phoenix).  Apparently, my sleep catch-up plan was successful, as Day 8 of the Great North American Baseball Road Trip was accomplished without weariness or weaving.  Well, some weaving, as you’ll read later. With the day only being driving, there’s not much… Read more »

GNABRT Day 7 – Caving in

Day 7 of the Great North American Baseball Road Trip was a stop-over day, taking a break midway between the Houston Astros and the Arizona Diamondbacks to visit the Carlsbad Caverns. For those of you who have not visited, it’s an amazing place offering opportunities for the curious to the adventurous.  I took the first… Read more »