Monthly Archives: June 2015

GNABRT Day 22 – Road Wearier

Who was the numskull that mapped out this trip?  15 hours.  Fif.  Teen. I thought it was going to be 12-ish.  Of course, allowing for stops, maybe thirteen.  But 15?  Sheesh. However, mimicking the Emperor from Star Wars, “Everything is proceeding exactly as I have foreseen.”  I always thought that by the time I hit Seattle,… Read more »

GNABRT Day 15 – Taking the road less eaten

It’s the last “lazy” day on the Great North American Baseball Road Trip for some time.  Starting tomorrow, driving and baseball are back, baby! Before I started this trip, I rued the likelihood that I would gain significant weight along the two-month journey on fast and/or bad food.  Appearances suggest that two weeks in, that’s… Read more »