Monthly Archives: May 2015

GNABRT Day 3 – Grow up!

Day 3 of the Great North American Baseball Road Trip (none of which, so far, have actually involved a baseball game) reunited me with my oldest (longest?) friend, whom I grew up with back in North Miami Beach. He lived on the street behind mine (although he could say I lived on the street behind… Read more »

A smile can change a whole day

Who says I’m obsessed with the GNABRT?  Prepare for a change of pace! It’s getting hotter these days; earlier than expected, frankly.  And that’s coming from a native and lover of hot temps. The sweltering of late summer seems to have jumped forward a month or two.  That makes walking, even in the early morning, an… Read more »

So much time, so little to do

Finally.  I’m finally passing from my “dawdle days”. Years of head slapping and frustrated groaning during business travel taught me the best way to reduce my stress and ensure I have everything I need is to carefully prepare for my trip.  It’s possible that, over the years, it might have just crept a teensy bit… Read more »

Get it back!

Ugh.  That sinking feeling after you press publish, post, comment, tweet or send.  Then comes the mad rush to figure out how to save the situation. At least when it came to my books, people are required to plunk down money before they can see my blunders (granted, this makes them extra mad, but the… Read more »

We interrupt your regularly scheduled posts

Back in 2013, I began a daily routine of posting on Facebook a quote and a picture that in some way represented the key word from the quote.  I’ve continued that weekday posting ever since. Sometimes they’ve sparked commentary, sometimes “likes” and sometimes shares.  It’s a fun little exercise in imagination for me and hopefully… Read more »