Monthly Archives: April 2015

Flatland training

I was out at dinner with my friend for her birthday the other night and because she is my friend, conversation also turned to me and my impending Great North American Baseball Road Trip (#GNABRT).

I told her of my … Read the rest

No self-indulgence today, thank you.

“I’ve been of an odd mood over the last week or so.”

That’s how my post for today originally began.  I deleted the rest of the writing.

Whatever the cause of my somber state of the last week, I was … Read the rest

Training distrust

As I’ve increased the lengths of my walks, I’ve had to shift to earlier start times (now 6 am).  The shift has brought me once again into contact with the man with the two German Shepherds.

This man walks his … Read the rest

Casual danger

We’ve talked before about how I’ve finally gotten my head around this “messy” dressing that people today call casual.  Shorts that are just a bunch of pockets with leg holes; shirts that flap around outside the waistband; shoes that flop … Read the rest