Monthly Archives: April 2015

Running on empty

It is precisely four weeks from my departure on the GNABRT and I have been working hard on the most critical part of my trip prep:  leaving as little in my fridge as possible. Being gone for two-plus months creates more challenges than might first appear.  For example, I’m having to up my intake of… Read more »

Flatland training

I was out at dinner with my friend for her birthday the other night and because she is my friend, conversation also turned to me and my impending Great North American Baseball Road Trip (#GNABRT). I told her of my new hiking shoes and my plan to increase my walking distances each week as well… Read more »

Return to the 30’s?

I have a major problem with choosing clothing and it’s not my fashion sense. Some of you who have met me might take issue with that statement, but it’s unquestionably true.  My biggest failing with clothing is less fashion and more foresight. When I left Corporate America (and real clothes) six years ago, I had… Read more »

No self-indulgence today, thank you.

“I’ve been of an odd mood over the last week or so.” That’s how my post for today originally began.  I deleted the rest of the writing. Whatever the cause of my somber state of the last week, I was going to post about it today when I realized it is incredibly self-involved and narcissistic to do… Read more »

Training distrust

As I’ve increased the lengths of my walks, I’ve had to shift to earlier start times (now 6 am).  The shift has brought me once again into contact with the man with the two German Shepherds. This man walks his dogs without leashes and they appear to be quite content to stay within a reasonable… Read more »

Sketchy idea

Before my hermit days, a long time ago, I used to do stuff.  Personal stuff.  Food for the soul stuff. I used to go out and meet people.  I used to play team sports.  I used to draw. My Great North American Baseball Road Trip (GNABRT) is going to allow (force?) me to get back a… Read more »

A small act of faith

Sometimes you just have to take a leap. I’ve been loathe to book any advance lodging plans for my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (GNABRT) because of all the what ifs that could alter my plans (like, what if there’s a rainout, what if the schedule changes, what if I get delayed). I have… Read more »

Casual danger

We’ve talked before about how I’ve finally gotten my head around this “messy” dressing that people today call casual.  Shorts that are just a bunch of pockets with leg holes; shirts that flap around outside the waistband; shoes that flop around…eh, no, still not comfortable with those. Now, some of these are cool.  That whole… Read more »

Hiking on the trial

Yeah, I know what it looks like…it’s not a typo.  Read on… Today was Day Two of my new hiking shoes.  On advice from a friend, I’ve worn them on my daily walks to try to break them in a little before doing some real hiking on the GNABRT. This has led to some interesting… Read more »