Monthly Archives: March 2015

Stop squirming

Cars are like shoes. We use them to go farther and faster.  They offer us protection from the miles traveled and generally make the travel easier. An old pair of shoes is even better.  They’re broken in, comfortable and your feet know just where to be. The same can be said about old cars, which is… Read more »

It’s not always good to Excel

I’ve spent a lot of time working on the planning, details and checking on my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (GNABRT).  When you plan something this involved, it pays to give extra scrutiny to the minutiae. That doesn’t always work well for others. While I wouldn’t go as far as to call myself a… Read more »

Wind me up

Sometimes I’m just out of my mind. There are times when I have laser-like focus and other times I’m totally empty-headed.  Then there are times where it’s out of my control and weirdness ensues. Ostensibly (yeah, I didn’t need to use it, I just felt like it), I go walking to clear my head and unwind… Read more »

Nothing passes the miles like writing

Sometimes my mind just clicks.  Everything works in tandem and I experience a wonderful focus (for what it’s like when my mind is not clicking, tune in for tomorrow’s post). Now that I’m expanding my walking distance in the morning, there is a redundancy setting in.  The path is much the same each day, just… Read more »

Pedestrian = 25 points!

We pedestrians can do some steering wheel-pounding things. For instance, walking across an intersection after the don’t walk sign is flashing red.  Or staring at the phone so intently as to not realize there is someone turning.  Or starting across the road and then stopping, unsure of whether to continue or go back. It’s no… Read more »

Suck it up

To everything there comes an ending. I’ve known for some time that the end was near, but I hoped to delay it by scaling back and ignoring the evidence.  But that time has passed and this time has come. My vacuum cleaner is no more. On its way to its final resting place after at… Read more »

The record shows, I took the blows

And the blows win. Long ago I posted a tirade about my evil oak tree and its daily dumpings on my front patio.  That’s the injury. More than once a month, I get the insult added to my travails.  The landscapers for the development go through and beautify the place (cutting grass, trimming edges and pruning… Read more »

Why so fast?

Life’s too short.  No time to waste.  The clock is ticking.  Seize the day. The world is obsessed with speed.  It’s as if there is a belief that days are minutes and years are hours.  It’s as if people can’t see that they have a whole life ahead of them. The obsession manifests everywhere.  Why isn’t the… Read more »

(insert clever headline here)

During my time in advertising, most of my effort in print was spent trying to come up with the “hook”; that catchy headline that would grab the potential customer. It’s really all in the headline, when it comes to print, be it billboards, magazines, newspapers or, now, web banners. You can get away with pigs leaning… Read more »

Messy green road

My family is big on recycling.  Really big. It’s nifty that my Dad, of the pre-boomer generation, is the loudest and proudest of the recycling voices.  My sister and her daughters are next in line.  I have to say that I’m probably only “average”. I mean, I separate my paper, plastic, glass and metal and… Read more »