Monthly Archives: February 2015

Chickening out

I feel like I’ve got three tons of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. The dilemma with “family pack” sales for me is that I’m a family of one, but I just can’t resist those terrific meat prices. Normally, I break down and separately wrap all my family packs, but for some reason I didn’t get to… Read more »

5 by 5 by 55

I’m a man with a plan. Now that I’ve started walking daily again, I thought maybe I should have a goal.  Generally, I walk for fun, health and to think (or not think, as needed).  I was considering that next week I should jump the walk up from four to five miles and another thought… Read more »

My swiss cheese brain

You know how it is.  You try to remember something and you just draw a blank. Even before I crafted words as a writer, I was careful to choose the precise words needed to clearly describe, detail or answer a situation. It’s immensely frustrating to be involved in a conversation and suddenly be without the… Read more »

Trees are cool

At last!  It finally got up near 70 so I could come out of hibernation and get back to walking (don’t hate me because I’m warm-blooded)! The area I walk around my development is well-landscaped, but in no way a forest.  Even so, the variety of trees along the way is exceptional. There are many… Read more »

Are you a writer?

I took my friend and her son to the Renaissance Festival last weekend and a good time was had by all.  He was especially thrilled by the extra-large bag of kettle corn, from which we filled his personal little paper bag in astonishing frequency. During the course of our wanderings, we came across a tent… Read more »

The line between fascination and boredom

I’ve been slowly making progress on a monster book (shown here) and it’s given me some pause to consider why it’s taking me so long to complete it. I recently mentioned I was a slow reader, but I’m not sure that’s totally the case.  I think it has something more to do with the type of… Read more »


The last post for a while on my Great North American Baseball Road Trip (unless something noteworthy occurs)… I’m equal parts excited and frightened about this trip. The excitement should be obvious, even to a non-baseball fan:  39 stops, 37 cities, 27 states and 2 countries.  Most of which I’ve never visited before. The fear… Read more »

Roadside assistance

The second-to-last post on my upcoming Great North American Baseball Road Trip… This is going to be a long trip.  A lonnnnggg trip. Beyond the logistics, beyond the endurance, beyond all of that, I’m going to need some assistance along the way to pull this off. That’s where, hopefully, local friends will come in. Now,… Read more »

Road work

Continuing my series of posts related to my upcoming Great North American Baseball Road Trip… One of my friends, upon hearing of my big driving adventure, said, “Don’t go alone, take Jeremy with you.” It’s probably good advice.  Though the trip is not planned as a book tour (there will be little enough time for… Read more »