Monthly Archives: January 2015

Gone guy

Yeah, just seizing on a little pop culture; settle down. I’m getting more excited over the big trip I am planning as a real possibility.  Aside from the actual expenses and nature of the trip, as I discussed a bit yesterday, I began to consider the other more practical preparations for such a journey. I’ve never… Read more »

Charity case

I was chatting with my friend about the exemplary performance of one of my favorite companies (and large stock holding), Apple.  I mentioned if my other core holding had a similarly great announcement this afternoon, I was going to take a vacation. When he asked where I would go, I popped out the “visit every… Read more »

If a hermit talks in a cave, does he make any sound?

I had the elder nieceling over yesterday to work on potential employment solutions along with the sundry accessories that go with such endeavors (resume, cover letter, etc.). It was a full day, with only a break for a stop at the thrift store and lunch with the grandparents to interrupt what I classify as a… Read more »

Why can’t a thing just be a thing?

We just talked about my plans to take a monster road trip with the new vehicle once it arrives.  Well, soon after.  I’ll need to break it in a little and spend a whole mess of time learning all the features that have been added to cars in the 10 years I’ve been living in… Read more »

The next road trip?

Hopefully it will end better than the last one. It’s been nagging me all month about not being with my best friend and her family this past Christmas.  Ten years in a row and then “oops”.  Something needs to be done. Current readers know I’m about to trade in my 10-year old (but trusty) Avalon… Read more »

You should write a book about THAT!

When my first book was published, friends and family looked on it as an oddity; another affectation of the strange person that is me. When my second book was published, friends and family began to get the impression that writing was more than “just a fling”. After my third book was published, my friends and… Read more »

Shot in the arm

Welp, that clinches it. As part of my “Get fit to write” program (long story), I added back the abdominal exercises and proposed a return to my regular machine work on the Bowflex.  Nothing major at this point of life, just a little strengthening of the aging muscles. My upper arm has been giving me… Read more »

Reading challenged

New year and time is on my side; all the time in the world, in fact.  But I’m still reading challenged. Part of the problem is I’m just a slowpoke.  I’m a slow eater (everyone at the table will be done before me).  I’m a slow game player (I prefer turn-based computer games over real-time… Read more »

Putting an old face on a new year

Yeah, it’s about time. I can’t recall how long it has been, it might even have been more than a year, but starting out fresh this year it’s back to the beard. Contrary to layman’s thinking, a beard is much more effort than simply shaving.  Sure, you don’t have to drag that piece of sharp… Read more »


So.  Here we are again.  That wonderful arbitrary day where millions of people fancifully design plans for their upcoming year. What makes January 1st “the” day for setting goals.  Why not December 28th or January 6th or even August 19th?  After all, every day has just had 364 days previously.  What’s the big deal…the calendar?… Read more »