Monthly Archives: December 2014

An artful life

Another “blast from the past” out of my old MySpace blogs.  Read on…   Today, I’ll relate to you some more color on a point I made many posts ago about having a family with a creative bent. Let’s select a few of the members and take a look at what I meant. Starting out with… Read more »

She’s hot!

We’re having one of our rare cold snaps down here…temperatures actually dipped into the 40’s (brrr-time getting the paper this morning). One good thing about the cold (correction, the ONLY good thing about the cold) is that I can dig out the beloved little packets of Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate and brew myself a mug…. Read more »

Passing mustard

Today is my Dad’s 85th birthday, but we celebrated with a true surprise birthday party this past Saturday.  It was actually for both my Dad and Step-mom, since her birthday is on the 1st and Dad’s is one week later. The idea was my cousin’s and he had me coordinate the immediate family (my sister,… Read more »


Hey, if they can rehash old TV series into $11 a seat movies, then I can get away with rehashing some posts from old blog spots. I came across a treasure trove of old blog posts when I inadvertently logged onto MySpace for the first time in, gosh, maybe six years.  Turns out, it’s a music… Read more »

Miles of reading

Like I didn’t already have enough to read. My love of reading cannot be overstated.  Feel free to peruse this old chestnut for details.  I so enjoy reading. Now, I grew up with newspapers, comics and books, so this new-fangled e-reader thing is something I’m still getting used to, but I’m getting the hang of… Read more »

December to remember?

That’s the tag line Lexus has used the past few Christmases for their end-of-year ad campaigns.  While I’m not planning on getting a Lexus this month, I am finally leaning towards getting a new car. I like buying my cars and holding them for ten years.  Beyond the economic appeal of five years of no car… Read more »