Monthly Archives: December 2014

Getting an earful

Had a lunch and miscellaneous day with Dad yesterday.  A “miscellaneous day” is characterized by riding around town doing multiple errands. Dad took the wheel this time, as he wanted to get his car washed.  After a nice lunch (Five Guys!) and the requisite wash, we got down to his main shopping desire:  finding a… Read more »

The break up

Maybe you’ve been lucky.  Maybe you’re not one of us.  But most of us have had at least one break up in our lives. They can be messy.  They can be emotional.  The effects can linger for so long. “Breaking up is hard to do” go the lyrics, but that’s not always the case. Take my… Read more »

The ties that no longer bind

Loyalty is big with me.  I’ve mentioned it many times in many blog posts over many years.  Loyalty to people, places and things. Same state for 50+ years.  Same barber for 40+ years.  Same toothpaste, same paper towels, same underwear (manufacturer, not pair).  And same car dealer for 20+ years. That ended this morning. This… Read more »

What to do when alone on Christmas

For the first time in a decade, I will not be spending Christmas in Las Vegas with my best friend and her family. The reasons for this shocking occurrence are many and varied, including my body’s exponentially growing intolerance to cold (maddening). Regarding my family, times being hard, my sister opted to work Christmas day… Read more »

Pen or pencil

As I begin the scribbles that will eventually become my next book, I go through my preparations carefully. Ruled notepads….check! Portfolio for notepad….check! Random story notes….check! Pen….check! Pencil….check! Waitaminute…I don’t need both; I just need to choose one. (A) I like the smooth-flowing action of the pens (Tul brand) and the fact that there is… Read more »

It’s not always black and white

The saga of Jeffrey’s Next Car continues with today’s official test drive of the Subaru Legacy Limited. Nice car.  Really nice. It took considerable willpower not to sign a deal today after some aggressive pricing and a solid trade-in offer.  Still, I can’t just throw away 20 years of loyalty without even giving Toyota a chance… Read more »

Dukes of Boca

Yep, a couple of middle-aged men riding around in sharp cars.  ‘Course, we didn’t own any of them.  And we really didn’t ride around in any, come to think of it. I probably dropped a mention recently how I’m in the process of deciding whether to get a new car (payments!) or continue on to… Read more »

Bulk buying can lead to bulk eating

Time for this week’s “blast from the past” off my old Myspace blog.  Particularly relevant, since after today’s lunch with the parents, I’m off to pick up some green and red peppers and make a batch for tonight!   Oboy. Full day here at JDville. In between shopping at the fresh market, fixing door knobs… Read more »

Out on a limb

      It’s back!  Returning after a long hiatus, the popular monthly feature is here to edumacate you on the origins of those clichéd phrases you hear (and probably use) so often. Now let’s see what’s coming down the pipe this month!     Pipe dream – The allusion is to the dreams experienced… Read more »

Unwritten rules

Okay, so we’ve discussed my “new” (old?) life in yesterday’s installment and that brings us to what the heck is holding me back from getting started on my next book.  The answer is as simple as it is embarrassing: Nothing. One of the most consistent “rules” about writing (call it a suggestion or a recommendation, if… Read more »