Monthly Archives: November 2014

Math makes me old

Math comes easy to me, although I’ve never understood people who say “math is hard” or “I’m no good at math”.  For the most part, math is simply muscle memory.  By that, I mean you need memory and a bit … Read the rest

At least I am thorough

It’s holiday time!

As a single guy, that means I get invited to other people’s homes for dinners and stuff.  Even though I’m not hosting anyone, I still like my place looking clean for the holidays.

Of course, liking it … Read the rest

I keep losing teeth

Quite a pointed post, having just made my semi-annual date for a dental cleaning.

Now, I admit, I’m a floss cheater.  Sure, I brush at least twice a day, but I only use the floss in a two month period … Read the rest

Dishwashing blues

I’m not one for attaching myself to inanimate objects.  I don’t have a pet name for my car, nor do I give it a pronoun.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have a great appreciation for items that perform well and … Read the rest

Life after Death

‘Tis the season, indeed!

The next six weeks are traditionally reserved for holidays around families.  While being single and never married means I don’t have my own little fireplace gathering (as if we need fireplaces in South Florida), I still … Read the rest

I’m still happy I did it

Yeah, I know, my opinion doesn’t matter…at least if sales are my goal.

Nevertheless, I’m still glad I chose the cover I did for the first book in my trilogy.

A recent spate of potential new readers and reviewers of … Read the rest

Doctors make me sick


I’m still recovering from the two physically worst days of my life.  Thanks to my doctor.

Okay, maybe not entirely his fault, but he was the one that prescribed stuff for my colonoscopy prep and then performed the actual … Read the rest