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Recipe for a goody bag

Just returned from Dollar Tree (yay, a real $1 store!) and will now spend the rest of the afternoon/evening making goody bags for Friday. Seeing as this will be all I have planned (maybe peeking at the World Series and Heat opener while working), I thought I could share my “recipes” for an excellent Halloween… Read more »

Bag boy

It’s speculated that time is a circle; that if you go far enough into the future you come back to the past.  So often, the expression “circle of life” or “coming full circle” is used to connote the repetition of life through shared experience or shared lifetimes.  For me, it’s much the same. My first… Read more »

When in doubt…

No need to shout; As long as eyes stout; You can find out No need to fret; wipe away the wet; you’re sure to get; what you seek from the ‘net For example, like me; I could no longer see; On my old iPhone 3G; My playlists three With them now gone, I could play… Read more »

Shipper of fools or “Will you shut up already!”

Every day this week I have received a package containing more Halloween decorations.  It’s kind of neat, getting it piecemeal, as it allows me to build the outdoor display a little more each day. It makes me wonder, though, what are these companies doing shipping like that?  First you get charged a single amount, likely… Read more »

…is like predicting the weather!

I love hosting parties.  Well, not exactly, I hate hosting parties.  Well, not exactly.  It’s both. The time has arrived for my second big party of the year (the first being on my birthday).  Always these events start out the same way.  About a month before the big day, I send out email invitations to… Read more »

Where am I?

Hey boys and girls!  Our word for today is:  colonoscopy! For those youngsters out there, the word may not mean anything, other than sounding vaguely distasteful.  For you half-lifers (half your life lived by now), you already know you can remove the word “vaguely”. Most people only have to do this once a decade.  Not… Read more »

Return on investment

The stock market is not very friendly these days, pummeling both my active and retirement portfolios.  While still positive for the year, I’ve decided to shift my investing dollars into something with a better return…Halloween! Normally, I wait until about a week to 10 days before the holiday to decorate.  Weather, landscapers and whatnot generally… Read more »

Out of pocket expenses

Part of the fun of being (sort of) retired and living in Florida is that I’ve been able to change my wardrobe, with the accent on comfortable. The biggest addition was a batch of shorts I purchased upon my (sort of) retirement, a little more than five years ago. Now, it’s a well know fact (especially… Read more »

Called on the carpet

There are numerous advantages to living alone; I’ve certainly gone over a few in previous posts. One of those that played out today is how clean it is not to have kids, pets or just about anything else in the house. Still, twice a year (for my birthday and Halloween), I hold a big BBQ/party… Read more »

Merry Melodies

When I was little, the cartoons were quite different from today.  Without getting into a debate over which cartoons were “better”, I’ll just say that among my favorites was “Merry Melodies”, which was a Warner Brothers creation. Often, the ‘toons would take a famous song or orchestral work and set the cartoon to the music, with… Read more »