Monthly Archives: September 2014

That’s not right

According to information I just Googled (I still hesitate to call it “facts”, even though we all know that everything on the internet is true), lefties comprise only 10% of the population.  Oddly, the same information suggests righties don’t make … Read the rest


It’s been hell.  Feeling unmotivated, dispassionate, hesitant and disconnected.  Cut off from the things I know and enjoy.

Yeah, two weeks without the desktop.

Sure, all you phone and tablet people can’t see the big deal.  Even you laptop people … Read the rest

People are dogs, too

Today’s post (as is often the case) is courtesy of my morning walk.

I’ve been able to push my walks up earlier, now matching up to (literally) the break of dawn.  This provides a pretty display in the sky, cooler … Read the rest


Today was my first visit to a “regular” doctor in two years.  It was time to get my stitches removed and I combined it with my not-so-annual physical (hey, when you don’t pay for insurance, it’s economical to combine appointments).… Read the rest