Monthly Archives: August 2014

Matters of scale

Ever since I’ve resumed my walks, something has been nagging at my subconscious.  Today, I finally figured out what’s been bugging me. I haven’t had to bob and weave over the last couple of weeks.  As you may recall, I expend part of my energy ensuring I don’t inadvertently walk through the various ant hills… Read more »

Life irritating art

As yesterday’s post discussed, my entire week of planned writing was demolished by life.  What’s up with that? I specifically set aside the week, cancelled all tennis and planned out my days with the full expectation of getting started working on my new story (I’m still not ready to call it “my new book”).  Then… Read more »

What kind of week has it been

As with most people who have streaming services for their TV (Netflix, Amazon, etc.), I enjoy watching various television series I never watched back when they were on air. Of those, I particularly like the witty banter and controversial takes from two Aaron Sorkin created shows, The West Wing and the under-appreciated Studio 60 on… Read more »

I’m not ignorant, I’m just forgetful

My last walk wasn’t as joyous as usual, some sobering health news from my Dad contributing to that.  A phone conversation with my distraught, recently graduated niece ended well, but led me to some pondering.  Why am I always so lighthearted? It’s not like I’m unaware of people blowing each other up in the middle… Read more »

Omigosh, my nieces are aliens!

Greetings, nieceling! This is the most common way weird Uncle Jeffrey says hi to his nieces.  It is this very weirdness that allowed me to pierce the finely woven veil and realize that my nieces are actually aliens.  Need proof?  Then, read on! I make my case based on cold, hard, unarguable facts: – They… Read more »

Hitting the right notes

They should be around here somewhere.  I’m sure of it. Oh, hey!  I’m just scrounging through all my miscellaneous pads, sheets, paper and whatnot trying to find my scribbled notes on my other book ideas.  I’m certain I wrote them down somewhere, but I’ll be darned if I recall. My return to walking last week… Read more »