Monthly Archives: July 2014

Thank goodness for Florida weather

Rained out from tennis again…thank goodness.

Every year, there always seems to be a lot of chatter about “this is the worst [fill in] ever”.  Winters are more wintry and summers are more summery.  Maybe it’s true; maybe nature is … Read the rest

Don’t be cruel

I have come to the conclusion that I am a cruel person.  Not as cruel as some of you, perhaps, but more than enough for a guilty conscience.

The revelation came to me after an innocuous Facebook conversation about our … Read the rest

Walking away from tennis

You may have noticed a dearth of blog posts recently.  While this may not have adversely affected your life, it is concerning to me.

I trace this back to my (relatively) recent return to tennis.  Since starting a regular schedule … Read the rest

The power of negative thinking

Yeah, get outta here with your positive thinking blather…the real power is in negative thinking! I was already planning on this blog post when my tennis partner gave me added incentive this morning.  After he made a nice drop shot, … Read the rest

Anyone but family

Welp, the long-delayed life presentation has been delivered to my nieces.  Now, all that remains is to watch if they absorbed the critical information.

For you latecomers, there’s been a scheduled-canceled-rescheduled-re-canceled meeting for my darling two nieces on the very … Read the rest

Crimping my style

What determines style?  Why does that determination so often conflict with usefulness?

For many years now, towels have been manufactured with those useless “crimps” at the end of them.  They don’t absorb anything, they’re rough and uncomfortable and they shrink … Read the rest

You look great!

For July 4th, I was invited to my friends’ house for a party and fireworks.

I met this couple working at my last job.  They are fellow Gators and we had a number of fun times, locally and on the … Read the rest

There is nothing but Lebron James

…or so it would appear, especially if you live in South Florida or Cleveland.

I have enjoyed immensely having the best player in basketball in my hometown for the last four years.  Joining forces with our own hall of fame … Read the rest

Falling into an old conversation

My friend and I continue to work on our seminar for high school kids to prepare them for the big decisions facing them in rapid succession (and before they know it).

It’s been coming along nicely and now we work … Read the rest