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Looking for new tones

Negative reviews fascinate me.

I use the term “negative”, specifically, as opposed to critical.  The latter embodies a definition that includes “expressing or involving an analysis of the merits and faults of a work”.  The former is generally an expression … Read the rest

Cheffrey M.

Can I be any more self-absorbed than spending a whole week of blog posts on my birthday BBQ prep?

I think the answer to that has to be yes, but I vow to you this will be the last of … Read the rest

Shop until you stop

Buying the food for a big BBQ is not like for a normal party.

Sure, the trappings are fairly common:  paper plates, plastic cutlery and cups, paper towels or napkins.  After that, though, the differences become keen.

I’ve been invited … Read the rest

I mean, it’s only a BBQ…


My aversion to (despising of?) cleaning must now face the head-on battle with my upcoming birthday BBQ.  That means, as I stare out my sliding glass doors into my patio, I see great evil in my future.

The first … Read the rest

Ready, Set…Prepare!

It’s the week before the week before my birthday BBQ, and that means I have to get started preparing right now!

For many years, I have been hosting a BBQ on my birthday.  These have run from the extreme to … Read the rest


A few weeks ago, I was watching some sporting event and as the program went to commercial break, I didn’t channel surf as I normally do during that 2 1/2 minute bombardment.

The first commercial to appear was for orange … Read the rest

Is that the way you look?

A few weeks back, I pointed out to one of my tennis partners that over in the general area between the courts, there was a guy who looked just like him.  Hat, outfit, mustache, hair color.  My partner seemed underwhelmed … Read the rest