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Looking for new tones

Negative reviews fascinate me. I use the term “negative”, specifically, as opposed to critical.  The latter embodies a definition that includes “expressing or involving an analysis of the merits and faults of a work”.  The former is generally an expression of flat disapproval. The fascinating part to me is the difference in tone between positive,… Read more »

Cheffrey M.

Can I be any more self-absorbed than spending a whole week of blog posts on my birthday BBQ prep? I think the answer to that has to be yes, but I vow to you this will be the last of the series and then we can get back to my randomly unrelated but possibly more… Read more »

Shop until you stop

Buying the food for a big BBQ is not like for a normal party. Sure, the trappings are fairly common:  paper plates, plastic cutlery and cups, paper towels or napkins.  After that, though, the differences become keen. I’ve been invited to countless birthday parties where the fare is simple:  pizza, soda, beer, salad and chips…. Read more »

I mean, it’s only a BBQ…

Ugh. My aversion to (despising of?) cleaning must now face the head-on battle with my upcoming birthday BBQ.  That means, as I stare out my sliding glass doors into my patio, I see great evil in my future. The first issue is the grill.  I don’t grill every day, but I grill every week, often… Read more »

Ready, Set…Prepare!

It’s the week before the week before my birthday BBQ, and that means I have to get started preparing right now! For many years, I have been hosting a BBQ on my birthday.  These have run from the extreme to the really extreme to the ordinary, though for some reason every attempt to “scale back”… Read more »


A few weeks ago, I was watching some sporting event and as the program went to commercial break, I didn’t channel surf as I normally do during that 2 1/2 minute bombardment. The first commercial to appear was for orange juice, with a luscious-looking stream pouring from a container (brand withheld) into a glass.  Now,… Read more »

The end of the string?

When I was growing up, I liked most green vegetables.  At the time, I was not so fond of brussel sprouts (love ’em, now), but I was game for everything else. Some of those green vegetables came in cans, most often Del Monte Peas (regular and Le Seur) and green beans (preferably cut, but occasionally… Read more »

Is that the way you look?

A few weeks back, I pointed out to one of my tennis partners that over in the general area between the courts, there was a guy who looked just like him.  Hat, outfit, mustache, hair color.  My partner seemed underwhelmed by the comparison.  Recently, I saw the gentleman up close and the differences were profound,… Read more »