Monthly Archives: March 2014 is such a stinker

With a flood movie debuting recently, this seems an appropriate topic…

In all the time since I’ve taken up walking seriously (a period that exceeds five years now), I’ve never had a bad weather experience.

Until last week.

As previously … Read the rest

Lesser of two evils?

A couple of years ago, I had my first physical in some time and got a pretty positive report card.  A little high in the cholesterol, a touch above on triglycerides and an otherwise solid result.

As a result, I … Read the rest

So, anticlimactic letdown?

Nah, just a satisfied pause.

Already, friends, Romans and countrymen are peppering me with questions of what I plan to do next to market the trilogy.  They’re correct, I need to work at it.  In order to turn my trilogy … Read the rest

The shirt off my Dad’s back

(I guess I should call this “Size Matters Week”, considering the trend so far)

Okay, sure, my Dad isn’t that old.

Each time I visit with Dad, he attempts to give me some clothes to take home.  This is mostly … Read the rest

Making good

We’re inching ever closer to the completion of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy.

Yes, the books have been completely written (and rewritten) for some weeks now.  Yes, the books have been submitted, accepted and processed.  Yet still…

What Now? is … Read the rest

Coming unraveled

Phew.  Thankfully that’s over.

The sutures have been removed and I’m free to return to my normal agitated sleep.  I’m a wanderer while I sleep and I have spent the last week in paranoid fear I would tear open my … Read the rest

So you think you have it tough?

Today was my Wal-Mart resupply run.  Just three months from the return of hurricane season means it’s time for me to “beat the rush” and get my supplies as well as fill any holes in my normal groceries.

One of … Read the rest