Monthly Archives: February 2014

Your place is so clean!

I hear this is a lot.  Of course, it’s not true.  As regular readers know, it can’t possibly be true, so what these people must mean to say is “Your place appears so clean compared to mine!”

Yes, I know … Read the rest

Am I unlucky or just a dope?

The evidence seems to be clear, but maybe you can help make up my mind.

The third and final giveaway completed Sunday night and I’ve spent the last couple of days packing the books for mailing.  The three giveaways have … Read the rest

Plumb wore out

I had a good blog post planned for today, but I’m still tuckered out from the three sets of tennis earlier (5-7, 7-5 and 5-7 tie-breaker in the third).

I think I used to be younger.

Tomorrow for youse guyz!… Read the rest

All webbed up and nowhere to go

Continuing our “Tales from Limbo” during the period between finishing the books and having them all up for sale.

By this time, the website is finished, meaning there’s nothing left to do to the site.

Sure, there is an … Read the rest

Money for nothing, write for free

I’m in a weird kind of limbo right now.

I pulled the first edition of What if? off the market while the changes are completed.  The second edition of What Next? hasn’t finished conversion.  What Now? hasn’t even been released … Read the rest

Running on empty

And I was so looking forward to seeing my floor again.

Between donations, giveaways, review copies and freebies, I had finally dwindled all my stock of the first editions of my three books down to a few remaining edit copies.  … Read the rest

Opportunity lost

Well, that figures.

I received the copies of Books One and Three (What if? and What Now?) and was excited to finally get everything up for sale again.  The copies came last night.  Let’s get started, right?  Not so fast, … Read the rest