Monthly Archives: January 2014

I refuse to change my Will

It’s not easy, committing something to paper and sticking with it no matter the circumstances that compel you to change.  It’s easier to bow to convention and follow the traditional routes.  Overall, that’s the safest way to write the words … Read the rest

Between vision and reality

Book Three of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures is being released this month and that means a refresh to the website is required.

From years of work as an artist and advertiser, I have a well-developed design sense and have always … Read the rest

Shouldering the blame


It was 46 this morning when I woke up.  I was filled with dread knowing I had committed to playing tennis this morning.  I was hopeful the temperature would rise enough to be comfortable, but just to play it … Read the rest

I’m #1!

A funny thing happened when I was reviewing all the product information out there on my books.  “What Now?” was finally up on Amazon and authors generally have to manually add information to the listings to make them complete.

The … Read the rest

Who’s up for a book burning?

I received three boxes of What Now? yesterday.  One hundred brand spanking new copies.  Unfortunately, these were sent before I re-edited all three books.  Now, I have 100 copies of a book that no longer exists.  If ever there was … Read the rest

Mixed blessings

The sequel to Friday’s pre-wedding post!

The wedding came and went and it was wonderful.  The ladies were pretty, the men handsome and the locations were well-chosen.  I skipped out on the reception for a variety of reasons, an odd … Read the rest

But, what can I wear?

In the interim, while I await the conversion and upload of my books, the world continues to spin.

One of the advantages to the “maybe” retired life as an impoverished author is my wardrobe has immensely simplified.  Shorts and polo … Read the rest

Good to go

The changes have been made to all three books in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures series.  All the books are good to go.

I’ve submitted all three, though I am still waiting on some final conversation regarding Book One.  Pending that, … Read the rest

Mailing list fun

The second giveaway on Goodreads is over and it’s time to send out copies of What Next? to the lucky winners.

I am excited to be shipping these books out and not just for the chance at more readers leaving … Read the rest