Monthly Archives: December 2013

Blogging on vacation

Time for my annual trip to spend Christmas week with my best friend and her family out in North Las Vegas (well off the strip). During my vacation, I usually stop blogging.  That’s not because of limited internet access so much as limited time access.  She and her husband tend to keep me pretty busy… Read more »

And awaaay we go!

And we’re off! “What Now?” has been released to my publisher. Now the pre-publication process begins.  First there is formatting for printing and a final proof.  Simultaneously, the discussions with the cover designer begin.  Final confirmations will lead to a galley copy and the big “OK” on the book’s printing and release to the distributor…. Read more »

Trouble letting go

It’s so hard. You’re there when they’re born.  You nurture them as they grow, watching them develop a path of their own.  You can’t resist the urge to keep correcting them, helping them, hoping that they’ll benefit from your continued input.  Finally, there comes the time to let them go out on their own, when… Read more »

To read or not to read…that is the question.

I’m confused. Yes, that’s not exactly breaking news, but this is something new, so bear with me. You all know about my giveaways on Goodreads (or you should, by now, I’ve mentioned them enough).  The online reading/reviewing site keeps track of the people who put in requests for the book(s) and lets me know on… Read more »

People are sickening

340 days. That’s how long I was able to go before meeting someone who made me sick. Having a non-standard job has a number of spillover benefits, especially when you’re still reasonably undiscovered.  While not quite as private as a hermit in a cave, the daily regimen of going to work is a distant memory…. Read more »

Confessions of a mail order man

You can’t outrun your past. Many years ago, I used to buy and sell paper collectibles.  Comics, magazines, books, stamps, cards…all sorts of paper-based items.  I advertised through trade periodicals (get an idea how long ago this was, now?) and all my business was conducted via the USPS or UPS. Only two items could mess up… Read more »

What to do with a bad review?

“There is no such thing as bad publicity” No one can tell who first said this popular quote, but there are plenty of examples of it not being correct. Sooner or later, I am going to get a bad review.  It’s inevitable, especially as I gain a wider reading audience across my books.  The recent… Read more »

If you don’t have anything nice to say…

…don’t blog. Occasionally, there’s just nothing to blog about.  Work progresses on finalizing What Now?, the final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy.  Other than that, life is quiet.  So…it’s a blog-free day. See you all tomorrow!

Working up my cover story

It’s time to go undercover.  Or, more precisely, into the cover. The next step in preparing the book for release is designing the cover and writing the cover copy.  Fortunately, I get aid in the first task, though nothing I can use right away. When I imagined the cover for Book One of the trilogy… Read more »