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With great pleasure (and a modicum of relief), the second rewrite of “What Now?” is complete. I now enter the final “cool down” period before a last run-through for any missed edits and remaining “tightening”.  After that, it’s time to send out my Advance Advance Review Copies. As I do with each completed book, I… Read more »

Hit the deadline or make dead sure it’s a hit

Slipping in a quickie on a happy holidays week! I’m at risk.  I think. My recent rewrite has added 30 pages to the book.  30!!  Normally, I’m trimming pages in the rewrite, so this took me by surprise.  It also challenges me to hit my deadline to get the book released by mid-January. My books are… Read more »

I find your writing highly illogical

I’m about two-thirds complete with the second rewrite.  This is the fun part. The first rewrite is mainly basic editing (grammar, sentence structure) and clean-up (confusing or excessive dialog, shifting segments around).  That’s pure grind-it-out work.  The second rewrite is even more work, but at least its fun! Now is when I spend time filling… Read more »

When is an end not the end?

When there’s an epilogue. I have been battling (with myself) over whether to add an epilogue to the finale of my trilogy.  It was a battle that was completely over.  I had the epilogue written and appropriately placed behind the finish to the book.  It was sneaky and cool and one of those winks at… Read more »

Boy, we sure love free stuff!

We just can’t get enough! My campaign kicked off last Friday on Goodreads, offering a giveaway for copies of the first novel in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy, “What if?”.  This will be followed by a similar offer on the second book in the trilogy, “What Next?”, leading to the release of the final book,… Read more »

Kicking off the first promotion

Beginning today, the first of my book promotions start.  In anticipation of the release of the final book in the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures trilogy, “What Now?”, I will be running consecutive monthly promotions through Goodreads, an online community that shares recommendations and reviews of books. The goal is straightforward:  Encourage more readers to enjoy the… Read more »

Watch out!

It’s the first line from my first book:  “Whoa there, little guy.  Watch out where you’re going.”  It’s only just recently I noticed this applies to me as I do my daily walk. The path I take around my area is not so much a sidewalk as a strip of pavement, bounded on each side… Read more »

Laptop, thy name is error!

We’re waist deep into editing and rewriting now and one thing is painfully clear about Book Three:  Man, I made a ton of typing errors. By now, you’re all familiar with my process.  Bring the laptop to the beach, type away blindly (due to the glare) until sweat, rain or brain-lock brings the writing to… Read more »

Don’t wait for facts to mess up your opinion!

Two catchphrases that should not be used together:  Ignorance is bliss.  Express yourself. We have a little brouhaha down here. Actually, it seems like the whole country is interested.  Or at least has an opinion.  Fortunately, no one needs to wait for facts to have one of those! In the time following the strange departure… Read more »