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Nature bugs me

I love observing how non-human living things live in the world.  I can simply watch a tree moving in the wind, seeing the changes in colors on the leaves as the sun highlights the leaves in bright green and shifts … Read the rest

Roll up your window!

It was a beautiful day.  A rare day.  Somehow, the constant rain had forgotten to show up and I was coming back from a terrific day of writing at the beach in front of sun-dappled waters.  I was enjoying the … Read the rest

Writing myself out of a corner

After weeks of continual rain (morning, noon and night), today was supposed to be a sunny morning (with rain later, ‘natch).  Eh, not so much, though the sun did poke through around mid-morning.

But, so what!  Even had it been … Read the rest

Good thing we didn’t find E.T.

It’s closing time for “Family Week”.  Today’s final post relates to my family’s unique challenges with phones.

We can start with me, a staunch resister of cellular phones for as long as possible and then even longer.  One was forced … Read the rest

A bitter pill to swallow

It’s day 2 of “Family Week”, so let’s get to it!

My Stepmom is back home attempting her recovery, with Dad doing the caretaking that comes naturally after nearly 50 years of marriage.

That means that I am dutifully running … Read the rest

Out on a limb

Out on a limb

Our other monthly feature returns after a brief hiatus.

Time to learn the origins of some of those catchy phrases you use or hear so often.  I think you should have no problem “seeing” the theme … Read the rest

Miss Communication

Welcome back!

Last time, we shared with you how even that bastion of journalistic propriety, our beloved newspapers, still managed to mess up their communication.  This time, we’ll show you some goofiness from a less careful group, sign makers.

It’s … Read the rest

It’s obvious!

Well, at least it is to us…

Ever notice how sometimes someone totally misunderstands what you told (or wrote) them?  I mean, jeez, what do you have to do, spell it out for them?

Usually couldn’t hurt.

My most recent … Read the rest