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Reading deficiency

One of the things I wanted to do when I started writing the first book in my Jeremy Shuttle Adventures series was to temporarily stop reading similar genre books so as not to be unduly influenced in my story ideas and writing style. Recently, I joined Goodreads, a home for recommending and reviewing books as… Read more »

Feel the burn

As everyone must know by now, I do almost all of my writing on the beach.  I’ve talked about if before, but it can be distilled down to I find it inspirational and it allows me to work out of my winter hibernation color-loss. Normally, I’m able to jump out as soon as the weather… Read more »

Promises, promises

When I released  What Next? early this year, I promised you I would not make you wait through another 2-year gap between parts of the story.  This was especially important, considering this is the finale of the trilogy. Yesterday, I began the writing part of What Now?  The book was plotted and laid out over… Read more »

I am the walking dead

And I couldn’t be happier. Apologies to those looking for something other than a third post about basketball, but forgive me my celebration of the second consecutive championship for the Miami Heat. As expected, I couldn’t leave the post game TV coverage despite the wee hours of the morning because I was too enervated to… Read more »

On the other hand…

…you get a game like last night and it reminds you of why you get so keyed up over sports. After a day of a lingering shadow headache (not a full-blown headache but one that just hangs around in the background), I had a terrific birthday dinner for my older niece (supposedly both nieces, but… Read more »

My day is ruined!

When I was younger, I used to live and die on the results of my favorite sports teams.  It wasn’t so surprising, many of us identified strongly with our teams when we were little and invested a lot of our substantial emotional capacity on their hoped-for success. There would be days, sometimes even longer, where I… Read more »

What makes a good Father’s Day?

I was out with some close friends yesterday for Father’s Day and it got me to thinking about what makes for a good Father’s Day. For a long time, my Dad has been “unavailable” for Father’s Day.  He and my Stepmom have had a regular get-together with close friends for many years (possibly decades).  So… Read more »

Bring out your dead

Okay, now that you’re through viewing the link, let’s get to what spurs this sideways reference to the great Monty Python movie “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” (probably my second favorite comedy of all time). My publisher posted a link recently about Scarlett Johansson bringing suit against an author (and publisher) for a fictional… Read more »

Miss Communication

She’s back, this time once again sharing contributions from our blog followers. Authors, beginner and established, are begged to use professional editors to make sure problems don’t crop up in their writing.  But what happens when even the editors miss a beat?  Take  a look at this month’s installment that we just had to call, Headline… Read more »

That was quick!

I’m not a big believer in omens.  I don’t “read into” things.  Just as well, considering we’ve got a tropical storm not even a week into hurricane season! Perhaps the storm explains what has been happening over the last week or so, as we have had constant torrential rains in South Florida (over much of… Read more »