Monthly Archives: May 2013

What do you plan to watch this summer?

Yesterday, I got treated to the new Star Trek movie.  It was the sequel to the remake of the reboot.  I enjoyed it on one level and was “meh” on another.

The one-liners, back references and “winks” to old-timers was … Read the rest

The final countdown

Less than 24 hours away from the birthday BBQ, and it’s been perfect all day until right after I scrubbed and dried the back patio (if you haven’t read them yet, check out Jeffrey’s Laws  to see why this was … Read the rest

Braving the elements

In a remarkable turn-around from yesterday’s storms, today was spectacular, allowing me to clean and prepare for the Birthday BBQ (just two days away).  Now, everything crunches together, time compresses and the laws of physics all seem to conspire against … Read the rest

The Cost of Clicking

There’s thunder and lightning outside, leaving me little to do for the birthday BBQ (though I did get some Farmer’s Market shopping done), so let’s talk about The Big Birthday Celebration that’s starting Monday on the website.

With a special … Read the rest

Reviewing the reviewers

Surprise!  This isn’t a birthday BBQ post.  Massive rain has delayed activity, so there’s nothing new to report.  Instead, let’s talk about my recent add to Goodreads and the upcoming promotion on my website.

As I explore the world of … Read the rest

Nothing says cleaning like party!

It’s birthday BBQ prep week, so most of the posts will likely be self-absorbed ramblings of little interest to anyone (and that’s different from other weeks, how?).  On the plus side, I’m pretty busy, so they should all be short.… Read the rest