Monthly Archives: April 2013

Why are so many fun food so…messy?

I was doing a quick turn in the supermarket the other day, buying all sorts of health appropriate items (fruits, salad, vegetables) when I got a hankering for a snack item.  I’m old enough to have hankerings, not like you kids with your cravings and itches (but not so old that I have yearnings). Anyhoo, I decided to pick up… Read more »

3D or no 3D…that is the headache

<Humble apologies to the Bard, for mangled paraphrasing> Tuesday is usually “Niece Day”, where my older niece visits and we spend the day hanging out.  That’s routinely some activity (tennis or walking), some lunch and a movie (theater or my 60″ flat screen). We didn’t get to see Oblivion, as originally planned so she chose… Read more »

Don’t those OTHER players look dopey?

The psychology of sports fascinates me.  What is unique is the fact that none of us are aware of it in the moment.  It is only during those times in between, where, should we care to, we can see the impact the games have on us. As the NBA regular season was winding down and… Read more »

Out on a limb

      This month’s installment of famous phrase origins is all about loose change!     Nowadays, you wouldn’t think very hard for this little money. Penny for your thoughts – Back in 1546, John Heywood published a book of proverbs, among them is this famous phrase used by a person seeing someone else… Read more »

Miss Communication

She’s back with yet another installment of her monthly column illustrating the mishaps in life due to bad communication. This month’s installment: When good advertising goes horribly wrong…otherwise known as “lost in translation.” Coors put its slogan, “Turn it loose”, into Spanish, where it was read as “Suffer from diarrhea”. Clairol introduced the “Mist Stick”, a… Read more »

Major league outrage

It’s tough to upset me.  Really, I’m very Clark Kent (although we wear shorts and t-shirts here in South Florida, so hiding spandex would be a problem anyway, even ignoring how dadgum hot it must be). But I’ve finally reached the point where I just can’t keep my mouth shut anymore.  The joke that the… Read more »

Left-brain writing

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, which is just another way of saying it’s time to get started on Book 3 of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, “What Now?” With that on the docket, I thought we’d spend a (brief) bit of time talking about my writing process, specifically the structure around my writing.  I’ll… Read more »

Turning the page

Appropriately titled and appropriately delayed (it’s always hard to let go of the past), it’s the final day of Nostalgia Week!  Today, let’s take a trip to do some shopping at soon-to-be memories stores of my youth.     The record store Long before CD’s were sold in your supermarket, heck, long before they were… Read more »

“Don’t touch that dial!”

We interrupt Nostalgia Week for a word about cleaning the patio. Yuck. On to day three!  As you might surmise from the vintage tube-TV to the left, today’s wanderings take us through some classic TV programs of my youth.  Mind you, with exploding cable networks starving for content, you’ve got a lot of old TV… Read more »

Toys for tots

Welcome to day 2 of “Nostalgia Week”. Back before alliterative charities for donating toys, the headline term simply referred to the amusements around the house for the kiddies.  Let’s walk down a little of my memory lane and see what I played with.  If there’s a bit of a leaning towards crafts, well, that’s to… Read more »