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3D or no 3D…that is the headache

<Humble apologies to the Bard, for mangled paraphrasing>

Tuesday is usually “Niece Day”, where my older niece visits and we spend the day hanging out.  That’s routinely some activity (tennis or walking), some lunch and a movie (theater or my … Read the rest

Out on a limb




This month’s installment of famous phrase origins is all about loose change!



Nowadays, you wouldn’t think very hard for this little money.

Penny for your thoughts – Back in 1546, John Heywood published a book … Read the rest

Miss Communication

She’s back with yet another installment of her monthly column illustrating the mishaps in life due to bad communication.

This month’s installment:

When good advertising goes horribly wrong…otherwise known as “lost in translation.”

Coors put its slogan, “Turn it loose”, … Read the rest

Major league outrage

It’s tough to upset me.  Really, I’m very Clark Kent (although we wear shorts and t-shirts here in South Florida, so hiding spandex would be a problem anyway, even ignoring how dadgum hot it must be).

But I’ve finally reached … Read the rest

Left-brain writing

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood, which is just another way of saying it’s time to get started on Book 3 of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures, “What Now?”

With that on the docket, I thought we’d spend a (brief) … Read the rest

Turning the page

Appropriately titled and appropriately delayed (it’s always hard to let go of the past), it’s the final day of Nostalgia Week!  Today, let’s take a trip to do some shopping at soon-to-be memories stores of my youth.



The … Read the rest

“Don’t touch that dial!”

We interrupt Nostalgia Week for a word about cleaning the patio.


On to day three!  As you might surmise from the vintage tube-TV to the left, today’s wanderings take us through some classic TV programs of my youth.  Mind … Read the rest

Toys for tots

Welcome to day 2 of “Nostalgia Week”.

Back before alliterative charities for donating toys, the headline term simply referred to the amusements around the house for the kiddies.  Let’s walk down a little of my memory lane and see what … Read the rest