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Going undercover

‘Tis a sad thing, alas, to be faced with one’s own mortality.  It brings with it many memories, such as life’s experience and loves shared, but it also visits upon us such ravages as only age can.  It is with … Read the rest

Drawing a new card

It’s my friend’s daughter’s birthday today and I was having a devil of a time picking up a gift for her.  She’s a really sweet kid, never asking for much, even on her birthday.  Amazing as that is, it left … Read the rest

Cleaning up my act


After a family outing last week, my car was severely disfigured by some large and unsolicited donations by avian creatures.  Combined with a general layering of dirt so common in South Florida’s breezy and sandy (and road construction) … Read the rest

%&!# realism

When I was putting the final touches on “What Next?”, I solicited reviews from some readers of “What If?” to get an outside opinion on the book.  Of particular note was a comment from a reader I greatly respect that … Read the rest

It’s my blog and I’ll cry if I want to…


I’ve been wrestling with writing a new blog for a few days.  Initially, it was going to be a rant on what’s considered realistic writing, but then it occurred to me that a blog like that was … Read the rest

Out on a limb

It’s another installment of that highly educational and immensely entertaining (or is that verse vice-a?) feature where you learn just where that phrase or word came from.

Sit back (you shouldn’t be so close to the screen anyway) and feel … Read the rest

Miss Communication

This month’s installment:

“I was misquoted!”

(some oldies, but goodies)


“Smoking kills.  If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.”

Brooke Shields in an interview to become spokesperson for an anti-smoking campaign.


“I haven’t … Read the rest

Hold please…

Are you afflicted like me?  I can’t stop and it’s bugging me, how about you?

I mean, it was cool when it first came out.  Think of how convenient when you needed a break or something important came up.

Yeah, … Read the rest