Monthly Archives: February 2013

Spaced out

Just a few minutes ago, I was barren as a desert.  No blog yesterday.  Nothing today.  What would my faithful readership think? “Thanks for small favors” comes to mind, but enough sarcasm.  Read on…

Chatting, as usual, brought up the … Read the rest

Write it down!

I came up with a couple of good blog ideas last week.  Really, some very entertaining themes I think you would have enjoyed.

Too bad I forgot what they were.  All you get today is this one.

Usually, I’m very … Read the rest

Rubbing me the right way

I was chatting with some people yesterday (you’ll find many of my blogs come from chatting with other people) and we were talking about ribs and bbq sauces and tastes.

Now, they were talking about oven baking and what not, … Read the rest

Jack Vance

After a brief respite, we bring to a close our travels through my creative influences, primarily in the world of Science Fiction and Fantasy, with my favorite author, the great Jack Vance.

It’s humbling to use my bumbling words to … Read the rest

Philip K. Dick

We’re nearing the end of this “long play” version of my creative influences (still celebrating the release of my second book, “What Next?”).  Today’s creator is the phantasmagorical Philip K. Dick.

If you remember that childhood buddy I told you … Read the rest

Out on a limb





Out on a Limb

It’s in the 40’s in South Florida this morning, prompting an appropriate grouping of phrases to edumicate you on…


That’s not a pretty sight!

Cold turkey – The expression originates from … Read the rest

Roger Zelazny

A multiple winner of Science Fiction and Fantasy’s prestigious Hugo and Nebula awards, he began writing “professionally” in 1962 (though he was published earlier).  His career ended prematurely at age 58, due to complications from colorectal cancer (an issue I … Read the rest