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The waiting

My Dad has occasionally used the phrase “hurry up and wait” around me.  Often, he is referring to drivers who feel a compulsion to zip up to a red light.

Currently, it is the feeling I experience as I wait … Read the rest

Too much of a tease?

Book Two is published.

It will take some time for the distributor and online sales sites to update all their locations, so the book is only on sale at my publisher (Booklocker) and not at all your favorite online retailers.… Read the rest

Out on a limb



Out on a limb

We’ve gone to the dogs this week…


Hey, I gotta get some rest if I’m gonna be around that long!

In a dog’s age – The expression is actually adapted from two forms … Read the rest

Galley Ho!

After battling with a prolonged cold (two weeks, can you believe?), I’ve finally managed to go through the “official” review of the galley copy of “What Next?”.

For those of you unfamiliar to the process, a “galley” copy is created … Read the rest

Miss Communication







  Miss Communication

A little veer away from our usual fare for a short primer on how to know if you’ve been working in Corporate America far too long…

You actually know what a paradigm … Read the rest