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Miss Communication

Miss Communication

She’s back and still fascinated by the law…or the breaking of it.  Crime may or may not pay, but dumb criminals are sure to provide some laughs.  Miss Communication brings you tales of some less-than criminal genius.

Kentucky:  … Read the rest

Down to my last chip

While this could be a post about my recent visit to the doctor and the ensuing dietary recommendations, I’m not feeling particularly grrouchy, so I don’t see why I should make you endure a post complaining about not eating potato … Read the rest

It’s only writing…

It’s the final day of “Writing Week” on the JMD blog and boy are you glad!

But not as glad as me!  Now, read on…

Seriously, like the title says, how difficult can it be?

The journey to complete the … Read the rest

A short stay on the keys

It’s penultimate day for “Writing Week” on the JMD blog.  We’re on the next to last day of the week and I just completed the next to last chapter in “What Next?”.  Did someone whisper “synchronicity”?

Now, read on…

Regular … Read the rest

A death in the family

It’s hump day of “Writing Week” on the JMD blog as we continue to celebrate the upcoming conclusion to writing Book 2 of the Jeremy Shuttle Adventures.

Now, read on…

When I get involved with creating things, it is with … Read the rest

Writing my finger off

Yeah, okay, maybe not that dramatic, but it’s September, so how can you not have a baseball reference (especially with my long-suffering Orioles actually in the thick of things!)?

Welcome back.  It’s day two of “Writing Week”, celebrating the expected … Read the rest

Fear of flying

 It’s looking very much like I will finish the book this week, so I think it’s time to spend the time blogging about writing.  Welcome to “Writing Week” on the JMD blog.  Now, read on…

I have been struggling for … Read the rest

If the sock fits

It’s been a long time since I posted anything about socks.  Almost a year and a half, as you can see for yourself, (  I think this clears me of any charges of sock fixation.


I remain permanently baffled … Read the rest

Getting physical

For the first time in 3 1/2 years, I scheduled a full physical.  Not because I was feeling poorly or had some nagging ailment.  Not because my family was bothering me.  It was because my oldest friend was nagging … Read the rest

Out on a Limb




Out on a Limb


This month’s installment is for those who have been bad.  Not you, of course, I must be talking about someone you know…

It’s just a reprimand.  Quit acting like a baby!

Called … Read the rest